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Mis-Education And Information

193_160This is something white folk call fake news but in reality is in the fact that the result of the mis-education of the populist. Most people know or should know the newspapers and television news are merely propaganda vehicles. The next part of that is that the newspaper is written on the 5th-grade level and that is where the misinterpretation comes into play. Most people do not have the educational foundation nor the capacity to think for themselves and certainly were never taught true this in school nor trained to understand that most of what you read is not truth.

In order for any system to work, its people must be brainwashed by the information given to them. Now if that information is skewed or false; well want is it that you expect to obtain from it. Couple the with the fact that most people do not read or that they may have never graduated from a high school – a people reacts on emotion or what they are told by someone they think they trust, which is often the case.

To prove my point, take this last election, there were countless proven lies spoken by the winning candidate, many on video, and they all fell on deaf ears. White folk voted for the winning candidate in droves, let’s call them bigots and deplorable, who somehow believe that this man is going to do something for them. He is not, and the result of the administration will be the greatest fleecing in history. But they are diehard followers.

Now let’s move on to an issue that embarrasses me greatly. Few prominent black people have met Trump before, during and after the campaign or during the post election process. However, since the election ended a parade of black preachers, businesspersons, professionals, athletes and entertainers have either trooped to Trump Tower or met with him in highly staged and orchestrated venues. Most of them people that draw distain from the black community, the worse of thee if you will, has been nothing short of breath taking. Breathe taking, because Trump ran the most vicious, unabashed, race baiting, Muslim, and immigrant baiting campaign since state’s rights Alabama governor George Wallace in 1964.

What is important to understand is that “they” use language to change the narrative to suit their needs and agenda. For example, they use to call black people Nigger openly and proudly. Then after the OJ trial, somehow, they came to the conclusion that the word was inappropriate when the word was a staple in the lexicon for four-hundred years and all of a sudden the realized it was derogatory! So now they want to call it the N-word and convince even black people to do so too. Like no one is supposed to know they are still saying, Nigger, as they continued to say amongst themselves!

A final point, we know Jesus was not white and that the Bible has been rewritten 28 times but most people believe it is the word of God. The fact is the Bible is the hardest book in the world to read let alone interrupt or understand but most of you believe it is gospel. Here is a hard fact; everything they told us about American history is a lie. So they will teach you and can be made to believe anything! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

An Indictment Of The CON-GAME VERDICT

Here’s something to think about: If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed and if you read the newspapers you misinformed. Denzel Washington

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