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Love In Loneliness

23I don’t want my karma to be the curse of repetition. 
For the world to teach me real loneliness,
to rival what I’ve whined about,
to rival the darkness I fear. 
I don’t want my curse to be the devotion I had and lost.
To be replaced with the mirror of my worst fear.
I love that I love you and that scares me.
I love that I’m in love with you
the limits I know not of. It is dangerous.
I want to try for you.
I need you to know what I cry for.
I want to breathe in your passion even
if I have to imagine it there.
Why won’t you glow for me?
What about me doesn’t inspire effort?
Doesn’t inspire what I feel I do,
and feel and give to you? To us!
Why do you allow me to be a one woman relay?
Passing a baton of hope and of happiness to myself
and begging for you to pick up the anchor leg of this race.
Panting for you to meet me half way,
and sweating out bits of myself, as I run to you.  
When will my smile be enough for you to run to me again?
When will my need for you be enough again?
I miss you when you are physically here
and it’s heartbreaking.
I’d expect a longing in distance,
but not emptiness in close proximity.
Where are you?
Where is the man that worked tirelessly
to ensure that I knew you were here for me.
Where is he?
I need the warmth of him, the embrace
that taught me the special of my being.
Where are you love? I miss you.
Am I still visible enough to be missed too?
Am I still tangible enough to your being,
to still be important enough to your world?

Kathryn Sabir-Beach


2On this, the last day of black history month, and a leap year, let us not forget the horrors inflicted upon us for four-hundred years and come together with one single purpose – UNITY! The first step in this effort begins with family and for that we need black women to stand up and stand by black men to do what God intended. Celebrate Black History 365 days each year. Our story is the greatest story ever told. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

THE APOLOGY by Aisha Williams

They beat me and I called you to save me … but you couldn’t.. so I secretly resented you. They took our babies and sold them, I begged you to save us.. but you couldn’t .. so I secretly blamed you..

They raped me, and I cried out for you to protect me… but you couldn’t…..So I stopped trusting you…

You were supposed to be my man.. my provider.. my protector but when I needed you.. you couldn’t be there… so I hated you…
How could I let you tell me what to do.
When massa could protect me more than you..
How could I submit to you when you are forced to submit to massa?
So to protect myself I submitted to the one who could protect me and our children.

I stopped trusting you..
I stopped loving you..
I stopped honoring you..
I stopped valuing you and in turn I became valueless to you.

I didn’t see the frustration in your eyes when our children were sold..
I didn’t hear your silent cries when I was beaten.
I didn’t see your anger when I was being ravished..
I didn’t understand that you held your emotions to be strong for me..
I thought you didn’t care.. but you wanted to be there…you wanted to protect me.. you wanted to ….

but massa made it so you couldn’t so I would trust him more than you.
I didn’t see the hidden hands shaping our destiny..
all I saw was my pain.. and the feeling that you neglected me..

For all the times I blamed you, I’m sorry
For the resentment and distrust I’ve held against you for centuries.. I’m sorry
For the times I’ve let you down
For all the times I’ve broken your spirit with my words and my actions.
For the times I openly rejected you.. and tried to control you .. because I thought less of you.. I’m sorry..

Massa had a plan.. that he said would work for 400 years.. 400 years is over now.

My eyes are wide open… ..
I see the king in you…

Please forgive my wrongs and see your queen in me.

POETRY By KhaYah (Aisha Williams) ©

Much love and many thanks to Aisha Williams for this powerful poem. Sharing it with the world! John T. Wills

Gil Scott-Heron The Messenger


The genius and the legend of Brother Gil Scott Heron’s prophetic analyst of black life, politics, and the world resonates as profoundly today as the day he first delivered his messages. Not long ago, we lived through the “Bush Administration” which was not that much different than his father’s or the Regan and Nixon Administrations. I won’t go so far as to call them racist but the policies they but forth sure as hell were. All were commanders of the war on black people.

Having lived through each, I’ve seen how their policies negated African Americans, subjecting nearly an entire race to irrelevant status, as invisible creatures unnecessary and not wanted. During their time of power and even now, the system of survival is as difficult as it ever was – poverty, unemployment, education, no justice, and all of which simply means “Separate but Unequal”.

Often, through this blog, try to resurrect the spirits of those who sacrificed and laid the foundation for this generation that in many ways have forgotten or never understood that we stand on the shoulders of giants and the knowledge of our rich history. If you are someone that missed the message, understand that each of us, ultimately, have a responsibility to continue the species. In spite of a system that has continually denied African Americans the most basic of human rights or at least those rights prescribed in the Constitution. It is time to come together and address the systematic problems we face.

Throughout the 1970s, Gil Scott-Heron and his musical collaborator Brain Jackson had a profound impact on my life. It was his message that caused me to think critically about the world around me that was not for me. They did it through the music that reflected the turbulence, uncertainty and increasing pessimism of the times, merging soul and jazz traditions that reached my conscienceless.

Gil’s message to me said the whole world is a stage, and black people will not be nominated for anything. This brother is the most unsung hero of our time, and therefore I want pay homage to his long lasting spirit. He explained, correctly, that the revolution is not necessarily a physical confrontation; rather it is a battle of the mind. He said, “the revolution will not be televised” which at the time seemed to make sense.

However, fast forward to 2014 we see a war inflicted upon use far more devastating than what took place in his day. Nonetheless, in today’s time the revolution is televised. Therefore, I say, “free your mind and your ass will follow.”And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Watch the video and open your mind and see that the war is all around you!

Free You Mind

2I have been told that I see things from a different perspective. Maybe, but I would say I see things as they are and understand that nothing is as it appears. With that said, what we are told and lead to believe on every level of life is that the system is designed to protect the system. Once a year for thirty-days in February we celebrate a month to commemorate Black history. How about being more broad-minded to where we will look at Black History Month through the prism of American History. In fact, there would be no America without the people kidnapped from Africa.

Let me suggest that the journey of twenty-eight days be extended to 365 days, 23/7 and know your history. Look into a mirror and ask: “Who am I?” This is important because you might, if honest, see a person that is the representative of your life. Let me explain, you say that you love a God who you have never seen, yet you do not love the man or woman before you who you can see. Ask yourself; how can that be?

You know you have prejudices that you were either taught or came to know base upon your experiences. White people in most cases are prejudice against blacks and everyone else. Blacks are prejudice against whites, and blacks. Moreover, every nation on the face of the earth has a prejudice against someone mainly because they are different. I am going to suggest that religion oft-time has a lot to do with your thinking. Let me remind you; “if you control what a man thinks. You will never worry about what he is thinking.”

If you think about this and understand that your enemies have invested in your soul, which is a tried and true principle of “divide and conquer.” I say this specifically to address the issues that exist between the African American male and female. God created us (man and woman) to join in a union to live and to create life in order to continue the species. Now, how is it that we have lost this simple understanding designed by our creator? The war against us is against all of us, both black men and women.

Our hope rests within us – not in what is inserted into us by an enemy. So black women, you’ve been had, hoodwinked, when you distance yourself for the black man. There is a biblical passage that says “you will reap what you sow.” You have a convent with the black man by virtue of your birth – your children need him, and so do you.

Black men, you too must be that man you were created to be. The children you create – need you; that mother needs you. Being black means nothing to those of the other hue – I say it’s time to mean something to each other. I am not judging anyone – just saying! However, I will remind you that scripture says, “Judge not lest you be in danger of being judged”. The ghosts of the greats who sacrificed their lives for you are watching!

It is time for you/me/us to think differently and make a change – and the time is now! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

A Picture Of Greatness

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. You will see the greatness in the eyes and faces of those who had the courage to be shining examples, and whose shoulders we stand. You too have that greatness. We need to simply understand that you can change the world but first we must change ourselves. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Black History is American History!


“Woman I Feel You”

2Carol Paris-Ellis is a poet who writes with clear-eyed intelligence and passion. However, as is often the case her story is one born out of extreme difficulty, which has a way of fashioning the most heart-felt and sensitive art.

Carol Paris-Ellis proves this in Woman I Feel You – she writes with a purpose and with such fire as to feed the fragile flame of her art in prison. It neither comes out overwrought nor lacking in the finer philosophies. The poems in this collection shine with clear-eyed intelligence and commonsense. But the passion is so strong that readers might feel the poet speaking beside them as they read the book. She reels the reader in and captivates.

Paris-Ellis’ desire to write is strong of her life’s journey. Some of these poems were written on her knees in the Niantic prison dorm. Amidst the chaos, she asked the Lord in all humility if He would make her His poet. Such purpose did not fail to convince other inmates of the purity of the author’s purpose. They were the first ones convinced by the authenticity and talent in her work.

Pain and experience make them the best critics of all that is dross and fake in many things. There are many stylistic experiments in the book: one is inducing the reader’s eye to think that the text is growing or moving if he or she scans swiftly down or up the pages – perhaps Paris-Ellis’ visual approximation of the vertiginous way the work was written.

Prayerful, there is a refreshing gratitude and appreciation for things the supposedly free majority enjoy without fear or malice. The ones who read this shall feel a surge of spiritual strength after the experience. It is one of the gifts readers of this book will enjoy.

About the Author

Carol Paris-Ellis, a contemporary poet inspired by God. 1997: Her writing was elected into the International Poetry Hall of Fame, and her first poem, “When We Get Married” was published in “Searching for Soft Voices”. Also, she received the Editors Choice Award for her achievements presented by National Library of Poetry. 1998: Carol was recognized for her poem “A True Princess”. She received a letter from “St James Palace office of the Prince of Wales” saying his “Royal Highness”, is most grateful. March 15,1999: Carol received a letter from President William Clinton, thanking her for her message of support concerning the tragedy amongst our youth in Colorado. 1999: Carol opened the Vikkie Winans gospel concert at Kennedy High School, Waterbury, Conn with a rendition of selected poems. 1999-2000: Carol was a nominee for Poet of the Year, by International Poetry Hall of Fame. January 5, 2011: She received a Certificate of Excellence sponsored by Famous Poets Institutes for Advanced Poetic Studies. This is Carol’s first book.

Get your copy of “Woman I Feel You” Today!

Publication Date: January 13, 2012: eBook; $3.99; 978-1-4691-4521-1

To request a complimentary paperback review copy, contact the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.  To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information, contact Xlibris at (888) 795-4274 or on the web at http://www.Xlibris.com.


Phoenix Rises

2Deep breath.
You cannot cry,
Cannot scream,
Cannot break,
Deep breath
Think of a calming rhythm that rivals the
dangerous hum of impending disappointment.
Think of a “happy place.”
            Such a joke
            Such a lie
How is any place happy?
When frustration
When sheer anger festers within one’s own self?
Breeding a new being unrecognizable to the kind soul that once cradled an equally as kind person
Doesn’t that make the idea of a happy place void?
Impossible to attain?
A wish on a star that you know you will never reach.
But if you could,
if you could have the experience of the bliss of flying,
would you ever make it to that star?
If you could feel the wind race past your ears,
and experience the weightlessness of Space,
would you not perish from the lack of oxygen,
perish from the reality of a lack of necessity.
Deep breath
It is simple.
You cannot survive on hopes alone.
They do not feed you.
They are not the necessity, right?
And yet you fantasize about making the impossible possible.
For no good reason.
Nothing outside of.
I know it can be done….
So on the off chance that you can make it,
That you manage to reach and to touch that ever bright star…
will you sear your outstretched fingers upon contact?
Admit defeat as you blister and bubble under the white hot failure?
Deep breath.
Such is the nature of hope,
            Of wishes,
            Of dreams.
You can work to succeed,
Succeed to achieve,
Come within your bated breath of accomplishment-
And it could all be for naught.
That’s what happens when you get too close.
When you dare to cross the lines Fate has set as boundary for you.
It can all burn,
Returning back to the ashes of the previous failure upon which it was born.
All the hard work thrown directly into what seems to be
the merciless, incendiary clutches of Hell itself.
You’re left without options and decide to try to regain self.
These are dark, bottomless thoughts and you cannot fall.
Calm yourself.
Deep breath
You are the foundation for others with seemingly silly dreams
            With endless hopes
            With starry-eyed wishes
And you are not yet heartless enough to tell them that
It is never what it seems.
That it may all have started as and may become again-
Deep breath
You cannot be seen crying
You cannot crack before Them.
Try once more.
Wake to your new dawn
Just as the Darkness again loses its eternal battle with the Sun,
Dust off  your own dreams
Renew them upon this bright nothing.
A new start at something old.
A fresh take on something worn,
And continue to inspire.
Breathe deeply
You need not cry.
You need not scream.
And his is no time to break.
Think of your calming rhythm.
The day is yours.
This daily phoenix rise to your sense of purpose,
Is your “happy place”. Make a home here.
Where your People can take their own calming breaths,
And thrive.

By Kathryn Sabir-Beach

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