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Remember: The Scottsboro Boys

028_1601White folk always talk about their love of the Constitution as if it is God’s voice of right but the case of the Scottsboro Boy clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy in their hearts with regard to black people and jurisprudence. This kind of blindness in the law has been a staple in America from the beginning of the nation. This horrible story, which is true and documented began on March 26th, 1931, nine black youths riding a freight train, were arrested in Scottsboro, Alabama, after being falsely accused of raping two white women. After nearly being lynched, the Scottsboro Boys were brought to trial.

Despite evidence that exonerated the teens, including a retraction by one of their accusers, who was a prostitute, the state pursued the case. All-white juries delivered guilty verdicts and all nine defendants, except the youngest, were sentenced to death. From 1931 to 1937, during a series of appeals and new trials, they languished in Alabama’s Kilby prison, where they were repeatedly brutalized by guards.

In 1932, the United States Supreme Court concluded in Powell v. Alabama that the Scottsboro defendants had been denied adequate counsel at trial. In 1935, the Court in Norris v. Alabama again ruled in favor of the defendants, overturning their convictions because Alabama had systematically excluded black people from jury service.

Finally, in 1937, four of the defendants were released, and five were given sentences of twenty years to life; four of those were released on parole between 1943 and 1950. The fifth escaped prison in 1948 and fled to Michigan. Clarence Norris walked out of Kilby Prison after being paroled in 1946 and moved north; he received a full pardon from Governor George Wallace in 1976.More information about the Scottsboro Boys. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Remembering The Terrorist Attack Of Bloody Sunday

007_1000They asked us not to forget the 911 attacks! I would ask them not to forget Tulsa, Oklahoma or the brutal terrorist acts on peaceful black people marching for the promised right to vote and the simple right to exist. One such attack was the Bloody Sunday rampage, and the atrocity at the hands of white bigots might be more appropriate. I’ll add that this act of terror and brutality was under orders of the government issued to the police. If it sounds familiar, we saw the same thing in Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore. So we have not moved very much in terms of racism, particularly when you read the DOJ report and see other racial events around the nation. White Supremacy is still evident, and racism is not dead.

What is lost in the Selma story is that, in large part, it all began as a result of the murder of Jimmie Lee Jackson. Another significant fact is that the bridge is named Edmund Pettus, an enthusiastic champion of the Confederate cause and slavery. Pettus was a delegate to the secession convention in Mississippi and a Grand Wizard of the KKK. Ironic that a staunchly racist and bigoted so-called patriots name is connected with being the spark to give unheard of civil rights to the people he hated.

This was in no way the most horrific crime by the wretched system of racism in America. There was Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma where planes were used to bomb a black community. There were also, by most accounts, nearly five-thousand lynching’s during the first half of the last century with many for the entertainment for the white community. There was also the horrific murder of children like Emmitt Till and the bombing that killed four innocent little girls in a Birmingham church. Appalling and despicable acts of terror perpetrated by America’s homegrown terrorist like the KKK and others the so-called law.

Back to the March, between 1961 and 1964, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) led voting registration campaigns in Selma, Alabama, a small town with a record of consistent resistance to black voting. When SNCC’s efforts were frustrated by stiff resistance from the county’s law enforcement officials and political leadership, meaning the Klan. Dr. Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) were persuaded by local activists to make Selma’s intransigence to black voting a national concern.

SCLC also hoped to use the momentum of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to win federal protection for a voting rights statute. During January and February 1965, King and SCLC led a series of demonstrations to the Dallas County Courthouse. On February 17, protester Jimmy Lee Jackson was fatally shot by an Alabama state trooper. In response, a protest march from Selma to Montgomery was scheduled for March 7. Six hundred marchers assembled in Selma on Sunday, March 7, led by John Lewis and other SNCC and SCLC activists crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River en route to Montgomery.

Just short of the bridge, they found their way blocked by Alabama State Troopers and local police who ordered them to turn around. When the protesters refused, the officers shot tear gas and waded into the crowd on foot and horseback beating the nonviolent protesters with billy-clubs and ultimately hospitalizing over fifty people. What was significant about this was that all of the television networks interrupted programming to televise this horrific terror attack that became known as “Bloody Sunday”. The images were of this day of terror were beamed around the world.

Martin Luther King called for civil rights supporters to come to Selma for a second march. When members of Congress pressured him to restrain the march until a court could rule on whether the protesters deserved federal protection. King found himself torn between their requests for patience and demands of the movement activists pouring into Selma. King, still conflicted, led the second protest on March 9, but turned it around at the same bridge. King’s actions exacerbated the tension between SCLC and the more militant SNCC, who were pushing for more radical tactics that would move from nonviolent protest to win reforms to active opposition to racist institutions.

On March 21, the successful final march began with federal protection, and on August 6, 1965, the federal Voting Rights Act was passed, completing the process that King had wanted. Bloody Sunday was about more than winning a federal act. It highlighted the political pressures King was negotiating at the time, between movement radicalism and federal calls for restraint, as well as the tensions between SCLC and SNCC. In that sense, it was a successful strategy!

In closing, let me bring you back to the present, 50 years later, with this point having seen racism rear its ugly head since the election of the first black president. We’ve seen brutal acts of aggression on black people though laws and its agents, the police. To include stripping the voting rights act and in Ferguson, which is the Selma of today. We see the same issues today as they marched for then. The Republicans are no different than the Citizens Council of Selma’s day.

I get a lot of disparaging racist comment concerning what I write and post about black history. To those people, and I use that loosely; you want me to believe and love the Constitution that says I am 3/5th human and not to forget the holocaust or 911. I say, I will never forget what your ancestors did to my ancestors or believe the whitewashed version of what was done, which continue today. Truth be told, the sins of your fathers are acts of terror that I will never forget! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…



Black History: Did You Know Bass Reeves Was The Real Lone Ranger

220px-Bass_ReevesHistory and the authors of His-Story have differed dramatically throughout time to anything close to reality or truth. In other words, His-Story is nothing more than pure fabrications and downright lies. Let me be blunt and call it what it is; Damn Lies!

Particularly, when it comes to movies “they” say tell as truth about anything that involves black life or black people. I need not remind you but there are more than a few false images that are so obvious that anyone can see there is little truth contained in the story; for example, Cleopatra, Moses, the Ten Commandments and for that matter the story of Jesus, etc. Of course, they have an answer; they call those lies – literary privilege – I call it white privilege.

One such story involves the tale of the “Lone Ranger”! As it turns out, he was a black man named Bass Reeves, who the legend of a white man roaming the west on a white horse fighting crime was based on; yes – a black man. Perhaps not surprisingly, many aspects of Bass’ life were written out of the story, most notably his ethnicity. The basics remained the same: a lawman hunting bad guys, accompanied by a Native American, riding on a white horse, and with a silver trademark.

Reeves was born into slavery in 1838 in Arkansas and named Bass Reeves by his owner an Arkansas state legislator named William Steele Reeves. When Bass Reeves was about eight William Reeves moved to Texas near Sherman in what was known as the Peters Colony. Some accounts say he may have also served Colonel George Reeves, the son of William Reeves, as a slave as well. It was during the Civil War when Bass parted company with George Reeves.

Reeves took the chaos that ensued during the Civil War to escape to freedom, after beating his “master” within an inch of his life, or according to some sources, to death. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this escape was that Reeves only beat his enslaver after the latter lost sorely at a game of cards with Reeves and attacked him. After successfully defending himself from this attack, he knew that there was no way he would be allowed to live if he stuck around. Reeves fled to the then Indian Territory of today’s Oklahoma and lived harmoniously among the Seminole and Creek Nations of Native American Indians.

After the Civil War finally concluded, he married and eventually fathered ten children, making his living as a Deputy U.S. Marshall in Arkansas and the Indian Territory. If this surprises you, and it should, as Reeves was the first African American ever to hold such a position. Burton explains that it was at this point that the Lone Ranger story comes into play. Reeves was described as a “master of disguises”. He used these disguises to track down wanted criminals, even adopting similar ways of dressing and mannerisms to meet and fit in with the fugitives, in order to identify them.

Reeves kept and gave out silver coins as a personal trademark of sorts, just like the story of the white Lone Ranger’s silver bullets. Of course, the recent Disney adaptation of the Lone Ranger devised a clever and meaningful explanation for the silver bullets in the classic tales. For the new Lone Ranger, I would say more comedic than entertaining. But in the original series, there was never an explanation given, as this was simply something originally adapted from Reeves’ personal life and trade marking of himself.

For Reeves, it had a very different meaning; he would give out the valuable coins to ingratiate himself to the people wherever he found himself working, collecting bounties. In this way, a visit from the real “Lone Ranger” meant only good fortune for the town: a criminal off the street and perhaps a lucky silver coin. Like the Lone Ranger, Reeves was also expert crack shot with a gun. According to legend, shooting competitions had an informal ban on allowing him to enter. Like the Lone Ranger, Reeves rode a white horse throughout almost his entire career, at one point riding a light gray one as well.

Like the famed white Lone Ranger legend, Reeves had his own close friend like Tonto. Reeves’ companion was a Native American posse man and tracker who he often rode with when he was out capturing bad guys. In all, there were close to 3000 of such criminals they apprehended, making them a legendary duo in many regions.

The famed judge known as the hanging judge, Isaac Parker, was appointed as a federal judge for the Indian Territory. Parker appointed James Fagan as U.S. Marshal, directing him to hire 200 Deputy U.S. Marshals. Fagan had heard about Reeves, who knew the Indian Territory and could speak several Indian languages. Fagan recruited him as one of his deputies and Reeves was the first African-American deputy west of the Mississippi River.

Reeves was initially assigned as a Deputy U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Arkansas, which also had responsibility for the Indian Territory. Reeves served in that district until 1893, when he transferred to the Eastern District of Texas in Paris, Texas. In 1897, he was transferred to the Muskogee Federal Court.

Reeves worked for thirty-two years as a Federal peace officer in the Indian Territory. He was one of Judge Parker’s most valued deputies and is credited with capturing some of the most dangerous criminals of the time. During his long career, ending in 1907, Reeves claimed to have arrested over 3,000 felons claiming to have shot and killed fourteen outlaws to defend his own life. He was never wounded, despite having his hat and belt shot off on separate occasions. Once he had to arrest his own son for murder.

The final proof that the Legend of Bass Reeves directly inspired into the story of the Lone Ranger can be found in the fact that a large number of those criminals were sent to federal prison in Detroit.

The Lone Ranger radio show originated and was broadcast to the public in 1933 on WXYZ in Detroit where the legend of Reeves was famous only two years earlier. Of course, WXYZ and the later TV and movie adaption’s weren’t about to make the Lone Ranger a black man, who began his career by beating a slave-keeper to death – now you know. Spread the word and let people know the real legend of the Lone Ranger. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Manufactured Perception: Don’t Believe The Hype


The reason there is such a thing as media is to control the minds of people. It is designed for the purposes of propaganda! The media is the most powerful form of persuasion and illusion. This is true in all forms, and it is not designed for truth! Propaganda wins the day, and it is the media’s job to subversively control your thinking. You know the old adage “if you control what a man is thinking. You don’t have to worry about what he thinks.” In order for media to work effectively, imagery is the key. Most are designed to produce “fear”.

You see imagery is important to your minds interpretation. When you watch a program, you are made to believe whatever it is – is true. When you know, it is designed and created specifically to inject something into your brain, which the brain conceives as reality. When you watch television, they call the show “a program” – got it! This is the only truth in media; they are telling you that you are being programmed.

Just look at commercials, they make you fall for the obvious – lies. For example, look at a medical or drug commercial. The pills they are trying to sell makes you think it will heal your body. All while telling you at the end of the commercial the numerous side effects that may affect or kill you, if you take the particular drug. Yet, people take the drug anyway.

There are other forms as well – like movies; they rewrite history all the time, and most believe it as truth. Religion: they made you believe in a white deity when you know that the man’s image could not have come from that region of the world. In fact, the picture you see was painted sixteen hundred years after the fact.

This brings me to the bloodsuckers of the ignorant, which is the news that comes from your daily news stations and daily newspapers that have convinced you that when you read it or see it – it must be true! These vehicles are the most dangerous of all media. The people who infect your minds with their views of truth are nothing more than intellectual masturbators and conscience pimps. Did you know that the daily newspaper is written on a fifth-grade level? This is significant because it speaks to the intellectual capacity of those who read its messages.

This brings me to the situation and recent events pertaining to the killings of unarmed black people, for virtually nothing. Since the death of Michael Brown, like all the other black men murdered, the media leaks lies and so-call evidence have been presented by the media suggesting that it was the victims for their own death. The St. Louis newspaper, as well as the entire government apparatus, operates on the same principle established by Missouri’s infamous Dred Scott Decision that said, “There are no rights of a black man that a white man is bound to respect”.

This apparatus feels that there is no probable cause to arrest the cop’s who kill unarmed black people in the street animal. This concept is similar to the rash of nearly weekly deaths of black men and women under cover of law that have occurred over the past year or more.

Let me give you an example, there was a man [Pro Football Player] named Plaxico Burress, who shot himself; yet, they found probable cause to arrest, convict, and incarcerate him in prison for about three years. However,  a cop shooting an unarmed black kid – not enough to charge!

Media is a tool of the system. Therefore, until and if there is a trial, be very aware of what they tell you about the events in this matter, and, in fact, every instance of so-called news. People we are about to witness the biggest fraud since the Rodney King incident. I say this with much pain and sadness because it appears they are signaling “there will be no charges” in this case – like the others.

They, the powers that be, think it will just go away – but NOT THIS TIME! This just might be the event that sparks what Gil Scott-Heron was talking about when he said “The Revolution will not be televised” but it will. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Single Kentucky Woman Attacked By Off-Duty


In a life, a person will experience “mountains, milestones, and valleys” to which there are periods when things go well. Then there are times when in the blink of an eye, something occurs that will turn a life upside down – irrevocably changing it forever. This was exactly what happened to a Kentucky woman trying to make it home late one evening, returning from a sad occasion, when a police officer brutally attacked her.

Antwynette Houston, a mother of two and a nursing student, horrific nightmare made local news and since her attack, she has bravely held rallies against police brutality in Louisville, Kentucky. She wants the community to be aware that such incidents don’t just happen in Ferguson or New York, but all over America. It happened to her, and it can happen to you regardless of you social status. You only need to be black and interact with the wrong policeman.

Houston claims to have been assaulted by an off-duty officer while at a gas station because the officer did not like how she parked her car. On the night in question, she pulled up at a local convenience store near her home. She was approached by off-duty officer Scott Sturgeon, who confronted her about how she parked her car. According to the police report, Houston first parked in a handicap space without realizing it, and then moved her car to another space when Sturgeon told her to move it. When Houston moved her car, Sturgeon was not satisfied because the car was allegedly crooked, and touching the painted line on one side of the parking space.


Next, Sturgeon became more aggressive with her; accusing her of being drunk and demanding her ID. Houston being suspicious, not knowing if he was a cop because he was not in a police vehicle. She was extremely fearful of this man because of his aggressiveness and size, 300 plus pounds, the lateness of the hour and his failure to show her identification or his badge. The single mother was alone that night with only her nine-year-old son sleep in the car. The officer continued to be aggressive and wouldn’t allow her to enter the store.

After the officer started accusing her of being drunk to which Houston had not had anything to drink that evening. She volunteered to take a breathalyzer test, in fact, three-times explaining that she doesn’t drink. Adding, that her son was in the backseat. Still, the officer refused to give her a test and seemed to not care about the child. Feeling more threatened, she asked for other uniformed officers to assist.

She explained to the officer before walking to her car that she wanted to wait for other officers to arrive. When he refused to call, she got into her car and called 911 herself to request other police officers to ensure her safety. She informed the off-duty officer she was going to wait for other officers to arrive after the 911 call because she was afraid of him.

While on the phone with the police, the off-duty officer opened her car door and snatched her out by her arm and proceeded to handcuff her. Her son was in the car screaming, and so was she but the officer did not stop. He purposely pulled her arm as hard as he could as she told him she had surgery on that same arm a year ago. The officer proceeded to threaten her while dragging her to his personal vehicle. He placed her under arrest and threatened her with a litany of charges. Twelve other officers soon arrived. In the end, she was given a parking citation, which was later dismissed. Now injured, she was released and told she was free to go.


Her shoulder was completely separated as a result of his actions and aggravating her past injury. To date, she has had one surgery and extensive therapy for almost a year. She recently found out that she needs another surgery, which is a stability surgery because her shoulder now won’t stay in place. In addition, she requires other procedures resulting from nerve damage and leaving her with “severe and permanent” injuries to the victim’s neck, back, and left shoulder. She has been handicapped and virtually disabled since the attack. Walking has become difficult due to pain in her shoulder, neck and back.

The attack occurred late in the summer of 2013, and she is not close to being fully recovered from the injuries caused by the assault. She says that she suffers constant nightmares, as a result of the attack. In addition, the physical injuries sustained has kept her out of work for over a year. Recently, after security camera footage of the incident surfaced; the police department investigated officer Scott Sturgeon and while he was formally reprimanded. He was exonerated of excessive force charges. Houston has since filed a civil suit against the officer and the city.

At present, she can no longer use her left arm, lost nearly everything she owns since she cannot work or finish school because of constant pain and the inability to use her arm. She has not been able to earn an income since Aug 2013; forced to leave her home and sell most of its contents due to lack of income. This next surgery and all other medical bills, travel expenses, and legal fees will have to pay out of pocket.

A support page and a corresponding account is linked directly to her and in her name. Everything said can be verified. If you Google her name you can obtain more information, see the video news coverage or you can visit her Facebook page to see everything. This horrific event was every woman’s nightmare. At present, she needs help as she fights for justice.

She welcomes your SUPPORT and if you can help; any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Commentary On The DOJ Report

2014-09-18_21-53-42_1This morning I downloaded the DOJ Ferguson Report and read it in its entirety. I was not surprised because racism is at the foundation of the American way. However, I will say I was appalled!

We were told through His-Story that that Good Ol” Abe was supposed to have FREED the SLAVES, and the Civil War should have confirmed this; however, reading this report it was clear that is not true. This appeared to be right out of the book were the slave codes are stored. With that said, the talking heads in the news media acted as if this is an anomaly and appeared to be shocked, when in fact they know it is the American way.

We hear the phrase “how far black people have come” from the so-called leaders of the black community and others who say all we need to do is pray, and we will overcome. I, for one, realized that we have prayed enough to their white Jesus and we can pray until Jesus returns; nothing will change with regard to the condition of black lives unless we walk up and stand up. I have lived through and personally witnessed the Jim Crow era and have said many times that I felt safer then than I do today.

The newly released Justice Department’s Report and the results of its investigation validate my point. Frankly, reading the full report; one would think we are living in 1950, rather 2015. A key point to note, if these racist cops and court personnel feel the way they do about the President of the United States and his wife, as expressed in the police and court systems emails. Just imagine how they feel and what they think of the everyday black person on the street and how they run this criminal and unconstitutional organization.

The mere fact that the only people bitten by police dogs are eerily reminiscent to that old racist Bull Connor down in Alabama and southern Citizens Councils from days long past. However, the fact is, and sadly they have not past; those tactics remain ever present today. There are hundreds of like police departments all over the country that are run like Ferguson and those in St. Louis County from New York to LA and everywhere in between. But, white America continues to say no way! This report, in my view, is an admission that the real terrorist are here and we the tax payers are paying for this oppression to have them inflict terror upon us.

There is an old saying that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This report is hard to swallow! However, the WHITE FUNDED civil rights organizations tell us that this can be fixed while telling us “we shall overcome.” Following these so-called black leaders who are sanctioned and paid by the very forces of “White Supremacy” that oppress black people have gotten us nowhere. It has been since 1619, so my question is WHEN? The system of justice in America is designed to protect the system, which has clearly been put on display and exposed since last summer. It is not designed to protect us!

I would suggest the RECO Statute be used to disband and arrest the subjects that the report focused on and JAIL each guilty party, as it appears it should be the entire city’s structure. We are constantly reminded about how they cherish the Constitution; now would be a good time to see if it applies to all people or just White America. Finally, with all the talk about ISIS, maybe America should put the same intensity on the terrorism on its own soil. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

James Baldwin



The long awaited Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown Case is expected today. Having said that, let me remind you that this is the place where the infamous Dred Scott Decision originated and the Supreme Court said, “there are no rights that a Negro has that a white man is bound to respect”. Ironically, Dred Scott is buried a short distance away from the spot of where Michael Brown was killed. In addition, let’s not forget that Ferguson was a sundown town.

We cannot expect fairness or justice but we recognize that what we usually get is JUST-US! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


Black lives matter!!!

What If The Killing In Ferguson Was Reversed

2Since the MURDER of Trayvon Martin, there have been countless killings of black men called justified or so say the law. Many of which were done under cover of law, which means the police had no real reason to brutalize or kill – even when most were unarmed. The occupying forces that dominate black communities are out of control and black communities have been saying this since the era of lynchings; where thousands of black people were lynched for sport or entertainment. The pain of all of this is that nothing was done then, and nothing is being done now with the modern day version of it.

I had a conversation a few days ago with a white friend who said, “It is wrong for the people of Ferguson to riot if Wilson is not indicted. He was just doing his job. Dr. King would not want that.” He seemed shocked when I told him that Dr. King marched, and marching is a strategy, not a result. He seemed shocked when I asked him should the cop have killed this young man, even if his crime was only shoplifting. Of course, his response was predictable; “What about black on black crime. There is no outrage about that.” Reminding him that YES there is!

Anyway, after the conversation I started wondering. In the last hundred days, there has been an elephant in the room that nobody has mentioned, talked about or seemed to notice. Suppose the young man killed was a white kid or a white Jewish kid and the shooter was a black policeman?

Here is the situation in reverse:

A young white kid was walking down the street. A black policeman approaches him and tells him to get the F**k out of the street. The cop pulls off, then backs up, a confrontation occurs, shots were fired with several white neighbors witnessing it. The black cop exist the vehicle and begin to fire on the unarmed white kid running away a dozen times and hits him seven times killing him.

First, have you ever heard of a black policeman shooting down a white person? Not never! With that said, what do you think would have happened to the black cop? Would it take more than a hundred days to determine whether charges are filed? NO! Justice, as they see it, would be swift, the white community would be outraged, and none of what we see in the Michael Brown’s case would happen. So why then, under these circumstances, would they not expect outrage?

In my view, everyone in America can see and know that there are two systems of justice. Black people without question know this truth because for four-hundred years it has been inflected upon people of African descent. I will remind you of what the great Richard Pryor said, when it comes to justice – what we find is just-us! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


A Mother’s Mission: The Shooting of Milton Hall


Police officers in Saginaw, MI fired more than 45 shots at Jewel Hall’s son Milton. Despite abundant evidence that officers showed a reckless disregard for Milton’s life, the U.S. Justice Department did not charge any of the officers responsible for the killing.

In Washington D.C., the ACLU of Michigan is playing Jewel Hall’s testimony at a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on “Reports of Racism in the Justice System of the United States.” Learn more at http://www.aclumich.org/MiltonHall

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