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The Deplorable Donald And His Klan

5The GOP Presidential nominee continues to cry foul telling his supporters, such as they are, that the system is rigged. Trump, this is no surprise to anyone by you. He sits high on his perch and has taken advantage of every bit of his White Privilege. He like most white folk are in denial knowing full well that what they do and have done to black and brown people; this is where the system is rigged. From the first day they dragged the African onto the shore of this land – black people – their slaves, knew the system was rigged and so do most contemporary black people today.

He talks about all the things he is going to do for “his African Americans” but in reality it just him talking out of the other side of his face. Dude this is slave master speak. It has been clear to me and everyone but his “House Negroes” that he should be the poster child of the GOP efforts to “put black people in their place.” Frankly, he should be the poster child for White Supremacy. This is not a prediction, but this guy is the one that could get away with returning black people to slavery!

I have lived through several presidents, and this president, Obama, has by far outperformed all of them; especially those that were of the GOP ilk. Trump has insulted or offended every ethnic group gleefully. However, what he did with the birther thing was deplorable because what he was saying was that Obama was a “nigger.” Let’s call it what is he tried to sell the idea that Obama was the other and I contend by doing so was part of his racist proclivity. Not to mention his ardent vial approach to publicly saying he wanted to kill the member of the Central Park Five.

Trump whines like a spoiled brat which is evident in his demeaning approach to his blatant behavior towards women. Also, it is dangerous that anyone who disagrees with him is a reason for revenge; his bullying approach is to threaten a lawsuit in order to intimidate. Moreover, he does not seem to know or maybe has not read the constitution! The fact is if I was given millions of dollars at the start of my life – I too could brag about being successful as he claims. Now with that said, he has not produced his taxes that would prove what he says is true. I have said and still say the man is a fraud and conman!

This is what black people see because we have seen it before; like all of those of his hue, for the most part, are unapologetic racist. This is evident in his speak about “law and order” and his disbelief of political correctness! This man will elevate the war on black and brown people in ways that would make Hitler blush. It is safe to say this election is a seminal moment in the history of American democracy. A Trump presidency would be a disaster for America not only on race but for its economy, defense, human rights, foreign policy and our standing in the world.

They say it is dangerous for him to having his fingers on the nuclear switch. What black people should be scared if is this man has the authority over the alphabets, i.e., FBI, CIA, IRS, est! I think it is safe to declare his alt-right positions, which is racist is deplorable and more than likely he will be the biggest loser! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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