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The Sad State Of Being Brainwashed

FotoFlexer_AnimationThis message is to those whose minds that are brainwashed, blind, and those who can’t see. Truth is most of you sit in some church praying to white Jesus not realizing that black people have prayed far too long. I wonder how do you looked at yourself in the mirror, as you prepared to look pretty for the pimp in the pulpit.

They murder some unarmed black person at least once a week and what do you do; pray or make a little noise for a day or so, and move on. I know you will say something foolish like “God is Good”! So I ask what is good? You will say that you love God; whom you cannot see, but you do not or cannot love your man or your brother, a black man that you can see. I know you are thinking shame on me. Well I will take that criticism but truth is real!

Today I felt the need to express harshly my disdain for the way black people respond to and represent themselves in the midst of their annihilation. Think about this, you don’t love yourself, so how can you expect anyone else to love you. Case in point, a great man, Dr. King, died for you trying to gain equality and civil rights for the Negro of his day and all black people, and what do you do; talk about what Hoover said, he was supposed to have cheated on his wife. The man died with only a few suits and no money!

Malcolm, the greatest truth-teller in black history, was killed for you and what did you do; you watch as his descendants were put through hell. Most of you were afraid to say his name while he was alive, let alone followed him, nor did you help his family after he was killed. You watched as they killed his wife and grandson. Most of you watched as they set up one of his children and what did you your do; gossiped and believed what the white media told you. But you will give your last dime to some clown who asked you to buy him a new airplane.

I can go down the long list of casualties and victims laid waste by the COINTEL program that targeted the brave soldiers fighting for your freedom. Malcolm said, you have been hoodwinked, and I agree. They murdered nine black people in a horrible act of terror in a church and what do you do; forgave the killer the next day for killing these people.

Most of you, particularly black women, will sit or sat in some church this morning praising white Jesus or a pimp in the pulpit, while this clown is living very well at your expense. You do this every Sunday and in some cases days in between. The definition of insanity is to do the samething over and over while you get no results. So you give unto him while you can’t pay your bills or behind in them, while children and family go without!

A few weeks ago, one hundred so-called pastors met with Trump, which was the most disgusting spectacle I’ve EVER witnessed to get their thirty pieces of silver. Damn black people, when are you going to wake up. It has been four hundred years since they stole your religion and imposed a fantastical story, an all white story, taken from African spirituality and made it their own. Then gave it to you and you believe wholeheartedly every word of that untruth. They rewrote what started as truth, and expounded upon it 28 times to suit their agenda, which was to brainwash and maintain their embedded principle of white supremacy.

Of course, the world is in distress, your genocide is the agenda, and it looks like there is no hope but that has always been the case in the lives of black people, since the African was dragged onto these shores. In fact, since the European arrived in Africa! They put our ancestors on a ship named the Good Ship Jesus, raped, pillaged and murder black people in the most ungodly ways the world has ever seen. Yet, you believe those people of the other hue will save you!

I will say this with certainty; our ancestors who lived through the horrors of slavery, the degradation of Jim Crow, and the terror inflicted upon black people today and you do nothing are ashamed of you and the condition of black people.

I am well aware that these words will produce odious comments and I will be told that I am going to hell. But before you comment, know that I will accept that fate because hell can’t be worse than the horror and terror both you and I are living in this life under white supremacy on this earth! Wake up!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Just A Thought

The preacher in the black community has always been that brother chosen to bring the message of hope to our people. Historically, the slave master would select the good Negro to teach all other slaves “the ways of the cross”. In other words, it was/is that brother who reminds me of my Uncle Thomas, who we call Tom. I am writing this post because I received a message for someone who “preached” to me the literal interpretation of the “Word” as she saw it. Let me be clear; a person has the right to believe in or whatever we want regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

I wrote an article titled “Pimps in the Pulpit” to which this person was upset about; of course she damned me to hell, as they do. I told her, and rightly so, that if the article reflected an image of her preacher – maybe she should choose another church. I chose not to respond, because I know when that fateful day comes, and we transition to the great beyond – we are told Heaven. We will get three surprises: 1) You will be surprised who you see when you get there. 2) Who you don’t see when you get there. And 3), she will be surprised if she gets there yourself.” Reminding her that there is no place with streets paved with gold waiting!!!

Having said that let me speak to the issues in the reader’s message that was a bit hostile in tone. The representation of Jesus that you see in your church is not Jesus! It was painted by Michelangelo in the 1600’s, and the model was his nephew. In addition, there is no way a blonde haired blue eyed European looking person could come from that region of the world. Next, the good book was revised 28 times, and the last time was by the diabolical King James of England, who was a major participant in the slave trade. Further, there was no word “GOD” in any African language before the coming of Europeans.

I will tell you that I found myself very perplexed by the message from the reader. So I wanted to respond in a broad way. This individual has decided that it is OK for her to attack me not knowing which God I worship. So I will tell you. It is the one who healed the sick, had compassion for the poor, and championed the least of thee. Before I continue, I never spoke to any of the issues claimed you opposed as part of that writing.

This characterization is part of a much larger problem that needs to be addressed forthrightly. For example, she ranted about a very selective use of the Bible addressing matters related to women. She mentioned Deuteronomy, specifically Chapter 22. If you are not up on Deuteronomy, it says that if a woman is not a virgin at the time of her marriage – she can be killed. So my question is how selectively does this individual interpret the Bible? I asked if she believed that we should currently implement that section of Deuteronomy. There is nothing new about selective interpretations of the Bible. It is as old as the book itself.

She also mentioned, as a result of the situation in Ferguson Missouri stating that we need Jesus now. It is not that I disagree, but Jesus has been gone for over two-thousand years. Therefore, it is safe to say; he is not coming back to save black people. Frankly, it was the European’s who rewrote the Bible that claimed Black people are the children of Ham and that we are Black because we are cursed; in spite of the fact that the Bible does not say that at all. But they would found a way to connect that with their interpretation of God’s word.

It is very disturbing that people continue to hide behind the Bible in order to justify their own set of prejudices, demons, and false teaching. Again, my understanding was that Jesus was concerned about injustice, the plight of the poor, the sick, the Romans who were oppressing the Hebrews, and the money changers. So, Miss Lady, before you try to out Pope the Pope make sure you understand what you believe and maybe not trust the Pimp in the Pulpit for your teaching. And that is my Thought Provoking Perspective…

Commentary: Church Talk Or Just Cooning

th (15)There was the Million Man March and several variations of it! Yesterday, there was an event dubbed the 100 Hundred Ministers for Trump. This was a planned meeting of one hundred black so-called ministers who met with The Donald to endorse him for president. This was a perfect demonstration of the larger problem in the black community. I don’t shy away from controversy, and will say it, as I see it – WHAT A DISGRACE! Every member of any of those congregations should resign, ok, maybe that is not the right word but they should certainly leave these so-called leaders.

There is enough evidence to suggest those who profess to have “been called” are little more than common hustlers and as I have said before Pimps in the Pulpit. They gathered to come out in support of The Donald, but the backlash was too great and they would only say only some chose to support him. I don’t know or have any proof, but the usual motivation behind this kind of gathering was a donation. This was so transparent that Stevie Wonder could see there was a quid pro quo in the mix and at work here. Anybody who has attended a black church knows the mission is solely about donations.

First of all, black people do not support the Republican clan! What would make these clowns think they could persuade any black person to support The Donald? I know of nothing he has done for black people at any time ever! Hell, to be honest, we have a man with a black face in the White House now, who has done very little for black people. So what sane person would think this guy has the interest or concern for black people.

Let me take you back in time and maybe the picture will become clear. While Massa was indoctrinating the slaves or imposing the myth of Christianity upon the souls of his chattel, he would pick a sellout, Uncle Tom from his folk to turn on the other slaves to deliver the word according to Massa. Let’s remember that during this process Massa would sit in the church to make sure his message was given the way he wanted. First of all, let’s be clear it was against the law for slaves to read, so if the message given was the word according to the Bible – how would he know. He said and did what Massa wanted him to say; not much different than today’s so-call preachers.

Only today the rewards are so much greater. The car’s, homes, bank accounts, and let me not forget the private jets! Personally, I would put most of these people only a step above the devils that kill our children unarmed in the streets. They are the biggest protectors of white supremacy! Because they continue to deliver the original message to sustain the ideology – you will be alright when you die.

I get comments, all the time, from the disillusioned who tell me to watch what I say about preachers or the church and yes, I have been damned to hell by some so-called Christian folk. To them I say, what factual evidence is there that shows their preacher or any preacher has brought forth at anytime for the betterment of black people. I have not gotten any response yet! If you do please, share it with me!

These people are in a business that take from the needy, and give to the greedy, themselves. The fact of the matter is this, most churches will not even open their doors for the homeless people sleeping or living on the streets. More shameful, in my view, is whenever there is the hint of unrest they [Massa] will parade a host of so-called preachers out in front of the media to tell the people to be peaceful and ask for nonviolence. Same message Massa told them to give – “turn the other cheek” – no different from what the slave master of old told his handpicked “house negro” to say!

Now to be fair, I got one response from someone who said, this was not true with Dr. King and the March on Washington. My response to that was to ask if this person knew the government appointed Dr. King and the other ministers [the big six] to be the face of the march and scripted what could be said. The origin of the March on Washington was conceived and initially organized by the people. It was Kennedy who appointed the big six!

Just like the police were created to be slave catcher; the black preacher was designed to be the slave keeper.  In the face of the horrible and despicable circumstances that face the black community they do very little to alleviate the problems of the flock they lead. Once a week, at least one unarmed black person is murder by the police and because of video – we see it. Where are the preachers?

However, they do give great praise when a march was non-violent and subscribe to it being successful, but it delivered no appreciable result. But more importantly, we have the families of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo and countless others who are paid off in some cases after the death of their loved ones.  These families know the unfortunate realities of a justice system that may be blindfolded but seem to always peek from beneath the veiled eyes to prevent her will from finding its way to certain communities – normally communities of color.

I am not apologetic for being overly critical of those who I call pimps in the pulpit. Let me be clear, these folk had every right to meet and speak with The Donald; however, it’s the motive that gives me heartburn. If you saw those who stood in front of the cameras last night and talked to the media. It was the most shocking disgrace display of character I have witness since black people were told that “all men were created equal”.

Pastor Jamal Bryant who was invited to attend the meeting but declined accused the preachers attending as a “selling out” to Trump, and on Twitter and  compared them to prostitutes. “Prostitutes for Trump … don’t let black pulpit become a pole,” he wrote. I tend to agree – SHAME ON EACH OF YOU! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Conflicted: Sunday’s Message

th (5)I get into trouble, often times, when I say black people will out Pope the Pope, particularly black women. The church of today is in such disarray concerning the truth it gives the minds of the folk to enhance your soul.

I highly doubt that you were given a message like this in a church this morning. As you listen to the “word” from someone while praising and looking at a picture of a white Jesus watching the preachers show. I hope this message will cause you to think about the reality of your life, and not a mythical version of life your donation bought this morning.

It is a proven historical fact that black people were the first people on earth. Thereby, black people were the first to have a civilization thousands of years before “His-Story” distorted and wrote black history about African out of existence. Also, there is a notion in the minds of many; purposely instilled that racism is about the color of one’s skin. NO – NO – it is a system driven by power and control, primarily rooted economics. Yes, racism has everything to do with money and power.

Webster, the dictionary gives a definition of racism, which is a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement. Usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. It is a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine of discrimination.

Derived from this comes the concept of “Manifest Destiny”, which is the belief of white folk or a doctrine held chiefly in the middle and latter part of the 19th century and in their minds today. They believed it was the destiny of the U.S. to expand its territory over the whole of North America and to extend and enhance its political, social, and economic influences all over the world. Further, God gave white folks authority to control the earth and all that is in it.

Look at it this way, the European or so-called white people make up less than one-tenth of the global population. It is because of this that it becomes significant because if any other race of people sexually interacts or breed with a white person, in significant number, they will no longer exist. Therefore, they must use the concept of racism as a tool to maintain the survival of their species. Likewise, it is a useful tool to justify genocide and murder of people of color around the world in the name of God.

I know you have asked yourself this question; how can so few rule so many? Or maybe you asked; are they smarter than everyone else on the planet? The answer is no! However, one could argue that they are very good at deception, extraordinary thieves, more devious and barbaric than any other people on the planet. When blacks, unarmed I might add, are being killed at record rates, it might be time to stand up to the ills we face, instead of praying for something that has done nothing to help the plight of black people. Other than make and keep this race of people docile.

Black folk, you have been worshiping a white Jesus and praying for him to make your lifes better. It’s been four hundred years, how has that worked out? Keep in mind, if someone control what you think, they never have to worry about what you are thinking. Therefore, do not forget who and why the message you were given today came from! Black people have been taught that a white savior is coming – he’s not – and there is no streets paved with gold waiting for you either when you die! This is conflicted thinking in every sense of the word. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

The Foundation Of White Supremacy  


A genius once said, “If you control what a man thinks. You never have to worry about what he is thinking.” This man told us that religion is the ultimate deception imposed on the minds of people, and black people in particular. Of course faith is a good thing but there is a difference between “faith” and fantasy. Faith is believing true what is not seen. The question then becomes where is your faith. Through religion, we are taught based on what is written in the so-called “Good Book” that God created man in his own image, and that image is portrayed as being all White.

Let me correct this programming. At the time of Christ, there were only two people’s living in that region of the world at the time of Christ. There was the European and the other, to which black people were the other. So if Jesus was not European; he was of the other, and the other was black! Therefore, this notion that he was blond haired and blue eyed it the biggest lie ever told. It is also true that man has been on this earth at least five million years. It is a fact; I believe, that the first man, who “they” called Adam, was a black man. Therefore, the stories told through religion CANNOT be correct.

There were two significant periods of Christianity as we know it today. The first occurred in 325 at the Council of Nicaea when Alexander created the foundation of Christianity. The second was in the 1600s around the time of they started stealing Africans for the purpose of slavery through the rewriting of the Bible by King James and the addition of the images of whiteness it contains. Specifically, during those two periods religion was high-jacked by the empire builders doing what they are known to do since the dawn of man: stealing the truth.

Black people are known to out Pope the Pope. My point is this: it is time to wake up and believe in yourself. Stop waiting for a white saviour to come back to save you. Knowing that most are more Christian than Christ, maybe it’s time to think about what it is you believe and find truth based upon the lies you’ve been told. Until you remove the shackles from your mind, which some have called spiritual warfare, you will always be a slave! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Blind Faith


I wrote an article a few months ago titled “Pimps in the Pulpit”. I know it sounds bad, but there is a hint of truth in that description. Trust me, I know that talking about religion or the church is never a good idea. Having said that, I’m sure I will be berated for this writing but I hope most will understand that my point is this: when will the black church community take an honest look at itself?

Don’t get me wrong. I love the “Lawd” as much as the next person who say they do. In addition, I appreciate “The Word” and respect “some Pastors”, and there are a few good ones out there to which we should support. I know there are some who have raised hell all of their lives, gone to prison and worse, who now claim to have been called, but not all are what they seem or claim to be. Therefore, we should not confuse the man or church with Christianity or Spirituality.

Let’s be real, you know the scenario – I’ll call it the drama. A pastor gets caught up in some scandalous behavior like stealing money, committing adultery, having children by members of the congregation. The word spreads, a few fed-up members leave the church. The “incident” is down-played or swept under the rug and eventually the congregation moves on as if nothing ever happened. Black churches are notorious for their unwillingness to shake bad leaders. Even in the face of undeniable evidence of gross sin, some congregations maintain their commitments to these shady characters with an almost addictive-like quality.

When this happens, it tends to inflict damage far greater than their collective work. Frankly, it spells disaster for its mission, its people, and its community. The little country church I attended as a child had a preacher that I always admired because he told the truth. He once said, “The bible has been rewritten 28 times. If the first version was God’s word, why then would man need to rewrite God’s word so many times?” There is a lot of money in the name of Jesus.

So in a sense it could be said that it’s like the wolf guarding the sheep. There was a time when the church was there for the community, and now it seems the people are there for the church. Think about that for a moment. During the Civil Rights era, black preachers changed the world; put their lives on the line, and many died for their community. Do you know one preacher who would do that today? Probably not!

I went to church a sometime ago – a mega church. The first thing I saw was an ATM machine. What came to mind was the day Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple, which should not have come to mind. My point is this; let thy soul be guarded with respect to the messenger. Some churchgoers believe pastors (even bad ones) are virtually untouchable, or they are all knowing, like God speaks through them. They are human, and most have an agenda. Let me add that in most cases; it’s not to benefit you.

Because of their position and function within the church, they are seen as being above any charge of indiscretion. People who hold this view will protect a corrupt pastor by immediately denying and dismissing any allegation of misconduct before careful consideration. Sometimes the congregation will blame the victims for their victimization. For instance, many women find themselves blamed for having been sexually harassed. Should they find the courage to speak out, they are often branded as “troublemakers” and demonized as a part of the devil’s scheme to bring down the ministry.

For the record, the Bible does offer human protections for congregations in the form of multiple pastors. It also promotes real pastoral accountability from a group of people who know the day-to-day ins and outs of that particular congregation and who are qualified to recognize and call out pastoral misconduct. I know this is a HUGE paradigm shift but before you prejudge it, check out these biblical references to see if they support a single or a multiple pastor model for local churches. (see Acts 11:30, 14:23, 20:17, Philippians 1:1, Titus 1:5, 1 Timothy 5:17, James 5:14)

The Bible never says that Christians should remain loyal to corrupt leaders. In fact, the Bible clearly forbids churches from clinging to such pastors. 1 Timothy 5:20 says “As for those [pastors] who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.” There are precious few congregations willing to obey this biblical command. Can you imagine a local Black church publicly reprimanding a corrupt pastor by bringing him before the congregation, calling out his sin, and “sitting him down?” I doubt it!

It says in 1 Timothy 5:21 that even pastors should receive no special favors or leniency when it comes to sin. It says, “In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without prejudging, doing nothing from partiality.” We need to take pastoral integrity very seriously and avoid the physical, psychological, and spiritual devastation to our communities and ourselves by demanding that pastors obey the Bible’s clear direction.

Who do you follow God or man? Some of these people and places will lead you where you don’t want to go – HELL. If you noticed, I stopped short of saying “game knows games” because most are playing a game with your soul. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…


Living Yesterday – Today!

Let me first say to all who follow THOUGHT PROVOKING PERSPECTIVES that I am indeed honored that you read my words. I try to provided and add a prospective to reality whereby you may be empowered and maybe, just maybe, see the world through new eyes. If you knew me personally, you would know that I rarely ask for anything, maybe that is a fault, but I am a benevolent spirit and this is my way of giving.



I have lived long enough to have witnessed many vial and unspeakable things done under the auspices of RACISM. I remember the first time I saw the brutally beaten corpse of little Emmitt Till, which was done because of a way of life. I can recall crying that day and I cry today for the murder of Trayvon Martin. As I see it, these two horrible events are strangely similar and equally frightening.

It shows that we, as African Americans, are still a nation of people living in a nation without a nationality. Translated – no justice!

Of course, we don’t yet know every detail of the encounter between Martin and the monster who murdered this unarmed 17-year-old high school student. But, we know enough to conclude that this is an old familiar story with the same tenets rooted in RACISM. Emmitt’s murderer got away with it and so far so has this guy.

Now let me ask, how many guys named George are out there cruising the streets? How many guys with chips on their shoulders and itchy triggers fingers with loaded handguns? How many self-imagined guardians or more aptly put vigilantes who say the words “black male” with a sneer? You do know that was the Klan’s mantra!

Whether Zimmerman can or should be prosecuted, given Florida’s “stand your ground” law providing broad latitude to claim self-defense, is an important question. But, the more important question is: “we should stand up to repeal these deadly laws designed to give license to “Kill Black People”. This often happens because this bull’s-eye that black men wear throughout their lives, and in many cases, just caught on the wrong street at the wrong time.

Protect, teach your children, and may this child’s soul rest in peace. I have lost a child through tragedy and I know this pain. My heart and prays go out to the Martin family.

If you never took a stand for anything – now is the time. And that is my Thought Provoking Prospective…


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