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Commentary On The DOJ Report

2014-09-18_21-53-42_1This morning I downloaded the DOJ Ferguson Report and read it in its entirety. I was not surprised because racism is at the foundation of the American way. However, I will say I was appalled!

We were told through His-Story that that Good Ol” Abe was supposed to have FREED the SLAVES, and the Civil War should have confirmed this; however, reading this report it was clear that is not true. This appeared to be right out of the book were the slave codes are stored. With that said, the talking heads in the news media acted as if this is an anomaly and appeared to be shocked, when in fact they know it is the American way.

We hear the phrase “how far black people have come” from the so-called leaders of the black community and others who say all we need to do is pray, and we will overcome. I, for one, realized that we have prayed enough to their white Jesus and we can pray until Jesus returns; nothing will change with regard to the condition of black lives unless we walk up and stand up. I have lived through and personally witnessed the Jim Crow era and have said many times that I felt safer then than I do today.

The newly released Justice Department’s Report and the results of its investigation validate my point. Frankly, reading the full report; one would think we are living in 1950, rather 2015. A key point to note, if these racist cops and court personnel feel the way they do about the President of the United States and his wife, as expressed in the police and court systems emails. Just imagine how they feel and what they think of the everyday black person on the street and how they run this criminal and unconstitutional organization.

The mere fact that the only people bitten by police dogs are eerily reminiscent to that old racist Bull Connor down in Alabama and southern Citizens Councils from days long past. However, the fact is, and sadly they have not past; those tactics remain ever present today. There are hundreds of like police departments all over the country that are run like Ferguson and those in St. Louis County from New York to LA and everywhere in between. But, white America continues to say no way! This report, in my view, is an admission that the real terrorist are here and we the tax payers are paying for this oppression to have them inflict terror upon us.

There is an old saying that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This report is hard to swallow! However, the WHITE FUNDED civil rights organizations tell us that this can be fixed while telling us “we shall overcome.” Following these so-called black leaders who are sanctioned and paid by the very forces of “White Supremacy” that oppress black people have gotten us nowhere. It has been since 1619, so my question is WHEN? The system of justice in America is designed to protect the system, which has clearly been put on display and exposed since last summer. It is not designed to protect us!

I would suggest the RECO Statute be used to disband and arrest the subjects that the report focused on and JAIL each guilty party, as it appears it should be the entire city’s structure. We are constantly reminded about how they cherish the Constitution; now would be a good time to see if it applies to all people or just White America. Finally, with all the talk about ISIS, maybe America should put the same intensity on the terrorism on its own soil. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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