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Happy Birthday MJ


What can I say about the man whose music was such a huge part of my life and growing up. Michael Jackson was no doubt the GREATEST ENTERTAINER who ever lived.

It is hard to find the words to say what he gave the world and the memories I have of the music he created still touches my heart. So I will leave you with this recorded performance to say – “I never can say goodbye”. Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

“Sweet Destiny” Bernadette Watkins

About The Book

2It’s been nine years since the death of her father and Arianna wants to make sure that her mother is well.  Catherine Waters have two children, Sarina and Arianna, both are as different as night and day.  Arianna, a newspaper editor, is never satisfied.  Sarina, a dance teacher, cares for the happiness of others. Catherine raised both of her children to be upright citizens and taught them right from wrong.  She is the successful owner of Sweet Things Bakery.

It’s been a long time since Sarina has been in the coma, but Catherine and Arianna will not give up on her.  Nine years and she still lies there looking so peaceful and content.  The doctor asked Catherine before to let him know what she wanted to do, but never would she let go.  She always believed that Sarina would return home to this world as if nothing had ever happened.

Arianna and Catherine face many challenges with their loved one lying comatose for such a period of time.  Nevertheless, giving up was not an option.  They pray every day for Sarina to awaken.  No one knows what the future holds and no one knows what tomorrow brings.  Sarina’s family will move your heart and shine light for those in the dark.  There will be times when you’ll want to laugh and cry, but most of all this story will make you appreciate the gift of life.  This is a remarkable story and a great adventure for those who love to read fiction novels.  Catherine and Arianna remember to never let the waters run dry.

About The Author

09Bernadette Watkins is the author of “Sweet Destiny” and believes inspiration is the Key to Living Your Dreams! Sweet Destiny is a fairytale love story that everyone who loves to be inspired through words of love and poetry filled with inspiration and valuable information for everyone. She has also authored “Release The Ink” her first inspirational poetry book inspired by Mya Angelou.

Both of her novels can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Borders and more. In addition to her excellent writing Bernadette can be found on Blog Talk Radio where she interviews authors, poets, musicians, singers, entreprenuers and more. You may visit the site to listen to the archived shows: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pro-motions . Her goal is to encourage many to live their dreams.

Release The Ink

     Inspiration is the Key
     My words and rhymes are all a part of me
     Isn’t about the color of my skin
     Doesn’t matter if I have any friends
     My words and rhymes is where it all begins
    3 Inspiration is the key
     To live more abundantly
     To focus on your dreams
     And make them a reality
     Words so bold and clear
     Written and spoken for
     The entire world to hear
     Inspiration is the key
     My poetry is a part of me
     We can’t breathe without the air
     What’s life without poetry there
     Poetic words simple yet influential
     Ready to inspire and full of potential
     So I grab the pen and release the ink
     Giving life to words within a blink
     Inspiration is the Key
     To writing great poetry 
 Visit Bernadette Watkins website:
John T. Wills

For Men Only

Today is a very special day, although one that I personally don’t enjoy because I only had one son who was called home far too soon. My memories are wonderful and lasting. I am honored and proud to have been chosen to be his Dad. I know he now belongs to the ages and when I see him again it will be a joyful occasion. I am looking forward to walking around heaven, as the angels sing, rejoicing in what will be eternity. REST IN PEACE SON!

TEARS… So to all the men who are dad’s – embrace the gift of life you are given. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…


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