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The Pious Convict

1On Wednesday, Former Governor Robert “Bob” McDonnell openly wept like a pitiful little girl, as he sat in a federal courthouse in a Richmond, Virginia to hear the jury render its verdict convicting him of eleven felony counts. Governor “gifty” and his wife, the former Virginia first lady, who a witness called a “nut bag” were convicted on almost all of the fifteen counts they were charged in their federal corruption trial. This trial was more like a soap-opera than that of the saintly person he and others portrayed him to be, which was a morally righteous conservative.

The 71st Governor of Virginia was viewed as a rising star in the Republican Party and was on the short list for Vice President in 2012 and considered a presidential candidate in the next presidential election. He served on the executive committee of the Republican Governors Association, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves, served in the Virginia House of Delegates, and was Attorney General of Virginia. In January, he will become an inmate in a federal prison for a longtime.

His promising career can now only be described as the quickest and sharpest fall from grace of any Politian in modern times. What makes this so distinct is that outwardly he appeared and talked as if he was “the holier than thou”! He spoke of bringing Christian values back to Virginia. Yes, the family values guy who championed marriage “threw his wife under the bus” during what was vastly different then his fake persona as soon as the trial began in the most disgraceful way I have ever see.

The holder of several degrees in business to law, an attorney, and selected to a public policy program where he obtained joint degrees from the Christian Broadcasting Network University; now known as Regent University. Not surprisingly, his most ardent supporter is the so-called preacher often view as wacky Pat Robinson who praised by him as a great servant of the Lord. Now, we see he was nothing more than a crook and proven such via the trial.

Governor “Ultrasound”, as he was known during his administration for his extreme views on abortion and other conservative issues. It could said that he and Caribou Babe, the Huckster, the Cruzer, Big Boy, and the rest of the Republican demagogues are nothing more than self-serving holding no value other than to fool the fools who follow and believe in them. This bunch pious fakes attacks our president on every issue and says he must go. To which I say none of them are worthy or capable of being his match in any moral realm. Thieves in the temple!

However, the one-time Governor suck to the script, he said upon leaving the courthouse that his “trust rests with the Lord”. I don’t know how he could say such a thing with a straight face. More disturbing is that he could even pretend to believe it himself. This was the most appalling trail and disgrace of a human being that I have ever witness, which just speaks to the man who fooled everyone until his deception was revealed.  I will say in the aftermath of his disgrace, as he believed as a lawyer, I’m sure, he was judged by a jury of his peers and that justice was served.

No worries, there are more fake conservatives in line waiting to follow you. So don’t pick up the soap. The way “We the People” think it’s about time. Finally, you still have to face judgment day and dude, Jesus is not going to be happy with you. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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