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Did You Know? Forty-One Cent Secret


I shared this piece some time ago, which I find enlightening. The legacy of the American heritage shows that wherever you look you find racism. It’s horrible racial history has always been controlled by economics, no matter what, nothing trumps cash but cash only. Let me tell you about a little-known American secret. We hold it in our hands and carry in our pockets – coins, but most people probably have no idea that there is a subliminal message concealed within what I call “The 41 Cent Secret.” The lure of money is so powerful that you will sell your soul for it. Ergo, most people think racism is about the color of your skin, but it’s not.

It is about color true, but the color is green. Therefore, the phrase on money, “In God we trust,” is really a catchphrase suggesting that economic superiority is the cornerstone of the American legacy. As we know, slavery and the economic profits derived from it built a capitalistic society, and this message speaks to the heart of it.

I’m sure you know that a secret is designed to elude observation because it contains information that, if disclosed, could endanger. Therefore, secrets are never to be told or shared. I would like you to take a quarter, nickel, dime, and a penny placing them in a row in that order from left to right. Look at the coins very carefully. What do you see other than the obvious – forty-one cent. Notice the faces on the coins. You will see four presidents – but there is more.

NOW STOP! Look very carefully – what do you think you see?

You should see this: There is President’s Washington, Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Lincoln. Washington was the father of the country who instituted, by law, slavery as an American institution and owned many slaves. Jefferson, well we all know his storied history relating to slaves. Then there was Roosevelt, who had the same philosophy, but live in the era of segregation.

Now notice that Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt have turned their backs on Lincoln, arguably the most significant of all presidents. Lincoln is on the lowest denomination of all money, and it is made of copper, the cheapest metal. Now, notice that the penny looks like you in color (if you are African American). This was done to scorn Lincoln for all eternity because he freed the slaves. Anytime someone comes along who changes the system, the status quo; they will be scorned or destroyed. You have heard of – assassination.

You have carried change in my pockets all of your life but did you know there was a subliminal message. It is important to understand “The system is designed to protect the system.” Now, let me put this into perspective. It takes an act of congress to get a face approved to be put on a postage stamp. This was no accident.

If you can see this and understand it, know that there are other forms of deception perpetrated by the majority people who control the system. In particular, systematic slavery that continues, and designed to make sure people of a certain race remain a permanent underclass. This is what is meant by the system protecting the system. It is all about wealth, which drives the system. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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