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“What Is Faith?” Just Released!

9It gives me great pleasure, in fact, an honor to support authors and people who share my passion for empowerment and the written word. Therefore, I am immensely pleased to support the new book release from my friend and the amazing co-host of the Book Tree Radio Show – SILVER RAE FOX! Silver’s resume includes being an Author, Radio Personality, Model, Actress, Super Woman, and dare I say “Angel”.

With all my heart, I send my biggest wish that Silver have the greatest success with this project. She told me to tell you that “What Is Faith?” will cause you to see the world through new eye and a more rewarding life.


We know that life comes with many changes and challenges, and we are often in need of encouragement to fuel our faith. “What Is Faith?” is filled with inspiring short stories and wonderful faith-filled insights designed to keep you fully charged for those day-to-day issues that we all face. Within these 175 pages of sheer inspiration, I’ve included journal pages for your personal note-taking. You can jot down your thoughts as you read along and embrace these life-changing concepts!

ORDER @ http://www.silverraefox.com/

Silver Rae Fox

Silver Rae Fox Co-Hosts the Re-Launch of the Book Tree Radio Show

When the  John T. Wills Book Tree Radio Show re-launches on September 5th, it will be with the illustrious talent of Silver Rae Fox as co-host. Silver brings a combination of a saavy media style, as well as the gift of sensitivity and insight in her conversations with individuals. She has an extraordinary  ability to the connect with guests from every walk of life and always brings an element of professionalism and poise to her media platforms. In the last few years, Silver has become a well-recognized voice and symbol of inspiration and motivation to her audiences.

Learn more about Silver Rae Fox at www.silverraefox.com. You may also subscribe to her motivational messages via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


The Book Tree Radio Show Returns!

We heard you, and we’re on our way back to the internet airwaves! On Wednesday, September 5th at 8:00 PM (EST), The Book Tree Radio Show is pleased to announce its re-launch on BlogTalkRadio!

Listen to John T. Wills, author of “Just a Season” and newly released “Legacy – A New Season”, interview with Silver Rae Fox. Silver Rae was The Book Tree Radio Show’s original co-host who has a insightful conversation with John T. Wills founder and host of the Book Tree Radio Show.



We’re getting ready!

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