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An Indictment Of The CON-GAME VERDICT

Here’s something to think about: If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed and if you read the newspapers you misinformed. Denzel Washington

This Case Reminds Me Of Jim Crow Era Justice

th-10Jury nullification occurs when a jury seems to ignore evidence, or the law was common in the segregated Jim Crow South, and white folk took pride in letting crimes against black people go unpunished. History is littered with such facts and that is what came to mind with Monday’s mistrial in the case of a white South Carolina police officer caught on video fatally shooting a fleeing, unarmed black after stopping him for driving with a broken taillight.

In the last few years, case after case reflect the debauchery of what is can only be called 21st-century lynchings! It is unknown how many such tragedies have occurred from the time black people were stolen and brought to America. Particularly since Reconstruction and the civil rights era where white defendants accused of crimes that left a black person cheated, abused, or dead were acquitted by all-white juries whose members could not see past race in assessing the evidence put before them. The most shocking case was that of little Emmett Till when his killers confessed but white people found them not guilty!

Though there was one black person on the jury considering the case of Michael T. Slager, the outcome was similar in a trial that was further complicated by the defendant’s being a policeman, which I should remind you were created to be slave catchers. History also shows juries are routinely reluctant to question the actions of an officer who had to act swiftly in a perceived life-or-death situation. This was not the case here; the officer lied in his report, tried to plant a taser, had an eyewitness and was recorded on video.

Slager was accused of murder and manslaughter in the death of Walter L. Scott, whom the North Charleston, S.C., the police officer stopped on April 4, 2015. A struggled ensued the cop said Mr. Scott supposedly took his taser and tried to use on him. Mr. Scott is seen running from Slager, who raises his Glock and fires eight shots at the fleeing man in about three seconds. Scott, at least 17 feet away, is hit five times in the back. Slager testified “I see him with a taser in his hand as I see him spinning around… That’s the only thing I see: that Taser in his hand.”

But Slager was either lying or delusional about his fatal encounter with Scott. The video also showed him dropping his Taser next to Scott’s body. It seems Slager has a fondness for the electrical device that can temporarily paralyze. Records show he accounted for 4 percent of all Taser use in 2014 by the 340-member North Charleston police force.

The jury saw that video at least a dozen times during the trial. But three days into deliberations its foreman, the lone black person on the panel, told the judge that one juror would not agree to convict Slager of either murder or a lesser charge of manslaughter, which would allow a sentence as little as two years. Urged to continue deliberating, the next day the jury reported that a “majority” was now undecided. A mistrial was declared.

They tell us the Slager will get another day in court; in fact; more than one. He also faces federal charges of depriving Scott of his civil rights. Meanwhile, Scott’s mother says she is putting her trust in a higher authority, which is what black people always do. “We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses,” she shouted after the court proceedings ended with a hung jury. “He will get his reward. I’m just waiting on the Lord.” Shameful to believe that White Jesus will do anything!

In the meantime, the unsatisfactory outcome of the Slager trial with his guilt or innocence still up in the air despite what appeared to be enough evidence to come to a conclusion. This case has left a bad taste in the mouths of many black people – no a clear example of a return to Jim Crow status – it stinks!

But the authorities tell us that better police training and new procedures will solve the problem of police shooting unarmed black people. However, that does not address the issue of prejudice. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Where Is The Protest And Rage

th (4)The disturbing events from Ferguson to South Carolina that we’ve witnessed seemed, according to the media, to have come as a surprise to many. Honestly, I don’t know why and frankly there should be outrage. If the despicable acts done to black people we done to a dog, white fold would be in rebellion! The only thing different here is the level of disregard the police exercised against unarmed black people. They think black people are still chattel and are expendable. What happened was the result of how America has trained its people to forget that it has always been this way, just look back at the racial strife a generation or so ago during the civil rights movement.

Then like now, they found a black face to calm the unrest or find some preacher to tell you to love thy neighbor and turn the other check after you have been beaten and bruised. Back in the day, they put dogs on peaceful “Negro” protestors and used fire hoses against unarmed men, women, and children. These attacks were done even when these folks left their staging areas, which was a church with real preachers leading the marches and the forces of evil still beat and trampled them.

If you go back far enough in our history, the police came about to be slave catchers and to control the oppressed people. The common wisdom, then like now, was to hire and put more black people on the force to use them to occupy the communities where blacks live. Let’s not forget, the FBI, America’s top law enforcement agency would not hire black agents, and it took lawsuits to make that happen. If this was the case, what do you think happened in Mayberry?

The riots sparked by the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown or in Baltimore resulted from the murder of an unarmed black man. Most scenes of protest, rioting, and an iron-fisted police crackdown emerged from similar situations history has shown. From the Civil War through the early 1900s, what is now called “race riots” were expressions of white rage. Frankly, history does not report the vile outrage of white who were the instigators of race riots.

Many, dare I say most were spurred by labor strife, rumors of a crime committed against a white person, or fears of black families moving into primarily white areas, whites would set entire black neighborhoods to the flame, destroying property and murdering blacks at will. Of course, this was justified because “they” said so.

Ferguson’s name has been added to the long list of uprisings that have taken place in nearly every city in America. Like the Harlem riots and many of the 1960s uprisings were sparked by conflict between the community and the police. In Los Angeles, the Watts neighborhood went up in flames in 1965, after three family members were arrested during a clash with police following a drunk-driving stop.

St. Louis, which is near Ferguson, has a history of racial strife dating back to the Dred Scott Decision. The city fell into chaos in 1965 after a 19-year-old black youth was killed as he fled police officer Israel Mason, who said the familiar excuse, the suspect tried to grab his gun during a traffic stop. Detroit burned for five days in 1967 after police tried to arrest dozens of people during a raid of an after-hours speakeasy. The primary period of black urban uprisings, which was 1963 to 1970, nearly all of them were sparked by confrontations between African-Americans and the police. Almost every single one!

So you see nothing much has changed, even though they will tell you it has and America is the greatest country in the world. The puppets and the conspirators of those who keep black people as second class citizens. In the two weeks of demonstrations featuring calculated violence by planted insurgents that manifested itself in Ferguson. We have had over four hundred years of frustration like you saw in Ferguson. Violence as harmful and self-destructive as it sometimes works. However, the popular reaction is the same since the African was dragged onto these shores; “There’s not a black-white divide the Negro are happy!”

The recipe for urban riots since 1935 is remarkably consistent and the ingredients are almost always the same: An impoverished and politically disempowered black population refused full American citizenship, a heavy-handed and overwhelmingly white police force, a generous amount of neglect, and frequently, the loss of Black life at the hands of the police. Yet, they are always surprised when tension is released.

Back in 1968, a report produced by the Kerner Commission an 11-member panel convened by President Lyndon B. Johnson to get to the heart of a series of violent riots in 1967 concluded:

White racism is essentially responsible for the explosive mixture that has been accumulating in our cities since the end of World War II. Actually, since the days of Nat Turner! What the rioters appeared to be seeking was fuller participation in the social order and the material benefits enjoyed by the majority of American citizens. Rather than rejecting the American system, they were anxious to obtain a place for themselves in it.

Police actions are always the spark because their Gestapo tactics have come to symbolize white power, white racism, and white repression. And the fact is that many police do reflect and express these white attitudes. The atmosphere of hostility and cynicism is reinforced by a widespread belief among black American’s in the existence of police brutality and in a ‘double standard’ of justice that is clearly one for Negroes and one for whites.

Much has been made of angry young black men, tattooed, with their pants sagging and their faces covered in shirts and bandanas. Some of them sometimes answered saying what black people have always said, “I am a man” when asked their names. That’s why I love these young black boys for saying enough is enough. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Politics Of America – Somethings Never Change

Their Claim To Heritage


Terror On Black Churches

th (4)I found this article on the HuffingtonPost and thought it was worth sharing in light of the Terrorist attack last week in Charleston, South Carolina. The lists is long, extensive, and over on hundred attacks but it was not until the Charleston incident that white America realized what black people have saying since time and memorial or at least as on as the church has been segregated. It is the hate that hate produces!!! 

When Dylann Roof allegedly opened fire at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, last week, it was an act of terror of the kind that happens all too often in black houses of worship. Roof has been charged with shooting and killing nine people, including senior pastor of the church and South Carolina state Sen. Clementa Pinckney.

Black communities in America have long used the church as a place to come together, to worship and to discuss social issues without fear of being targeted. But the ugly truth is that black churches have always been targets. White supremacists have sought to terrorize and destroy these institutions for as long as they’ve existed.

Although many church burnings, bombings and other hate crimes went unreported before and during the civil rights era, we know of at least 91 cases since the 1950s when black churches in America were the targets of what can only be described as domestic terrorism.

(Our list contains relatively few incidents from the 1970s and 1980s, in part because exhaustive records from those years are hard to find. However, one report has found that there were 1,420 church fires in 1980 alone. There was a spike in violence against churches in the 1990s, which led Congress to pass the Church Arson Prevention Act in 1996.)

Attacks on historically black churches, 1950s – present read the complete article and list of churches bombed or burned! 

Commentary: Depraved Heart Terrorist

Dylann+Storm+Roof+Nine+Dead+After+Church+Shooting+csBigvCwbUflI have witnessed a lot of history in my life and especially that which comes from the souls of white America and their hatred towards black people. As I watched the news coverage of the horrible South Carolina terrorist massacre on television I wondered how could these white folk be surprised. It seems as if they are oblivious to history when they know acts such as this have permeated their culture from the day they dragged Africans onto the shores of this place the slaves called “merica.”

The shocking part of this whole ordeal is that South Carolina has a long history of racial abuse and trauma upon people of African descent. The first shots fired in the Civil War took place in Fort Sumter leading to five years of carnage. Think about that for a moment; their forefathers, white supremacist, wanted to keep slavery so bad that millions of them died. Now, that is hate!

Since the terrorist attack upon the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church a few days ago I wonder how they can forget the history that I know to be true. The long storied history of this church, which is one of the oldest black congregations in the South. The sins of their fathers must haunt them because they killed Denmark Vesey, one of its members, and many others. They burned the church to the ground to which the members had to meet in secret in the years when black churches were outlawed before the Civil War.

The terrorist told the people he killed, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country.” He made a calculated and premeditated decision to execute members of Emanuel AME Church, who were simply engaged in prayer. Of course, they say he was deranged and mentally ill as oppose to the more factual language of terrorist! I know this isn’t going to be a popular post, but this is one day I would hate to be a white person in America. Shame – yes I accuse you of this and the sins of your fathers because you, white America, cast blame on all black people for the wrongdoing of any black person.

Now, National and International news has focused all of its attention on your son who gunned down nine innocent black people in a church during Bible study. All you can say is – he’s a young man whose “crazy” “deranged” “a lost soul” or whatever other pitiful name you can come up with for justification. But the truth of the matter is this young man went into a house of worship with the INTENT to kill black people. I might have been convinced he was a lunatic had he just gone in with his gun blazing and fired off without warning. But he sat down for an hour with other church-goers, had time to think about his actions and reloaded his weapon several times during the massacre.

White America does not want to deal with the so-called white supremacy issue or race. They don’t see it as a problem – for them. I am sure there are some well-meaning white folk who, I’m sure, are OUTRAGED over what happened in South Carolina. But in the same breath they will tell you they don’t think it’s fair to hold them accountable for the actions of their ancestors. But, unless they speak out LOUDLY, BOLDLY AND CLEARLY! You are guilty because you do nothing to change the sins of your fathers. Yes, you are the blame!

As I watched the South Carolina Governor pretended to cry yesterday. I wanted to ask her why the Confederate Flag is not being flown at half mast after the massacre. She knows full-well the firestorm that prejudice, bias and discrimination that message sends and bring to the hearts some members of her race that symbol creates.

Lastly, we see all these white folk hugging and praying with the hurting souls of black people as if we don’t know that the early hours of Sunday morning is the most segregated hours on earth! Oh, let’s not forget the shame of all who sang that old Negro spiritual – “We shall overcome someday”! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


Drum Beats of Yesterday

The drum beat of the Republican Party’s dogma looms large in this political season as the GOP desperately try to find someone to unseat President Barack Obama. We have witnessed endless debates with the kind of political rhetoric unlike any that I’ve ever seen. Wait a minute; let me qualify that by saying not since the last Presidential election. At which time America, because of the republicans, was facing financial Armageddon and now in 2012 we are about to really see Armageddon; if one of these right wing-nuts were to become president.

I read an article recently written by the author Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad where he said:

“Four years ago, they were predicting terrorist attacks in the first month of his administration if Obama was elected. Of course, it didn’t happen—but the rhetoric sounds good. The Republican’s “Big Three,” which many call the last three, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul sound like the Supremes singing “Baby Love” asking the American People, “where did our love go” for President Obama. Stands to reason it went the same place our love for every incumbent President facing re-election went…in the gutter. Mud-throwing is a professional sport in politics. No matter what the incumbent does, it will never be good enough for the party out of power. Same goes here.

The real question is how far are the Republicans willing to go to get Obama? Will they say anything to get Obama? Will they be, God-forbid, unpatriotic in their attacks of the nation’s Commander-in-Chief, that ended the war they started, soft-landed an economy that was falling fastest than a safe pushed off a roof, and had to fight for every single concession—even perfunctory tasks like debt-ceiling raises and payroll tax extensions. The rhetoric of refusing to compliment Obama, on anything, is not healthy for the national morale. Stands to chance that none of them would have done any better they been in the President’s shoes and the rhetoric toward healing our wounded spirits would be much different.

Under Nixon, Reagan and Bush II, the nation did what it was asked to do for the national good during recovering economies and re-election bids. The opposite party was asked to tone down the rhetoric for the good of the nation’s morale. There has been no such call from the Democrats for this President. In fact, some Democrats have added to the rhetoric. While the President has no party opposition (at this time), some in his party have kind of been getting their “digs in” on the slide… And then there’s the Tea Party rhetoric, an obstructionism that makes no sense.”

I could not have said it better. However, the difference in this election season is that the last crop of pretenders projected their bigotry vaguely in subliminal coded language. This “pool of fools” has no shame in their game. The race card is being displayed so transparently that Ray Charles can see it. One of these pretenders owned a lodge named “N-Word Head” and another had a news letter that espoused racial hatred so vial that one would think he was the Grand Wizard of the Imperial Knights. Another Republican candidate has said that “black children where better off during slavery” than today.

Wait there’s more! One of them has publically talked about succession. Another said, get off welfare and get a check. It was this guy who went on to say if you’re twelve years old you should be cleaning schools. This is not the same candidate who said if you’re black and twelve or thirteen this “buck” should be treated as an adult if he were to be punished in the criminal justice system.

Who are they talking too or speaking for? I seriously doubt these people would say that about an enemy captured in a time of war. Oh sorry, when they were in power they did and brought them to a place Called Gitmo.

This language takes me back to a time I thought had long past. This kind of thinking conjures up images of Bull Connor and Strom Thurmond. Let’s face it because the man duly election to be the Commander in Chief is a man of color. It appears to me from the rhetoric that is being hurled with such distinction that these folks have come from under the hood and taken off the sheets.

Whichever candidate might emerge as the GOP contender to which each of them has used the coded language like “take back our country”. They WILL DO damage under a cloak of cover and not worry about the law coming for them because they will be the law.

So, we are back to the question: How far are the Republicans willing to go to get Obama? Moreover, what will they do to us, if elected! And that’s my THOUGHT PROVOKING PERSPECTIVE…

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Where did this guy come from???

I am proud to announce that I have moved “Thought Provoking Perspectives” to The John T. Wills Chronicles information portal. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my followers for reading and I humbly invite you to visit my blogs new home as it is as thought provoking as ever with much more information sure to empower you. In the ten days since the “Chronicles” launched it has received more than 3500 hits and hundreds of comments posted to the many articles, and I say again thank you for your support. Please visit: http://johntwillschronicles.com.

I just have to talk about a news story that has blown my mind. So I’ll get right to the point and ask the question that everyone is thinking but have not asked. “Where did THEY get this Negro?” I am talking about Alvin Greene the Senate nominee who won the South Carolina Democratic primary this week. I guess I should say first that he is from South Carolina, which might explain or answer the question, as they have had their share of odd characters. Mr. Greene, and I use that loosely, has the distinction of being the first African American to win a major party nomination for U.S. Senate in the state and faces the Republican Party Senator or maybe Tea Bagger Jim DeMint in the general election.

Let me tell you a little about this character Greene before I agree with everyone else except those who planted him into the equation. He won the Democratic primary race in June of 2010 with 58% of votes cast despite virtually no campaigning, no campaign spending, no website, no computer, no cell phone, and had only one campaign sign. He was in the Army and Air Force before an involuntary honorable discharge to which he says is a long story. He is currently unemployed and lives with his father. Ok, so far, not so good.

The state Democratic Party chairperson says she has not seen Greene since he filed the papers to run. Clarendon County Democratic Party Chairman Cal Land told local newspaper The Item that local party leaders have never met Greene. Lend went on to say, he had not attended any local Democratic events and had not responded to any invitations to local stump meetings. He did not attend the state Democratic Party convention nor did he file the legally required forms with the Secretary of the Senate or the Federal Elections Commission. He also said Greene attempted to pay his $10,400 filing fee with a personal check, rather than a check from a campaign account.

Now, this is where it gets messy: The day after the primary election, the media reported that Greene was facing felony charges stemming from a November 2009 arrest for allegedly showing obscene internet photos to an 18 year old University of South Carolina student in a computer lab. As a result of these charges, the South Carolina Democratic Party issued a statement calling for Greene to step down, saying:

“We are proud to have nominated a Democratic ticket this year that, with the apparent exception of Mr. Greene, reflects South Carolina’s values. Our candidates want to give this state a new beginning without the drama and irresponsibility of the past 8 years, and the charges against Mr. Greene indicate that he cannot contribute to that new beginning. I hope he will see the wisdom of leaving the race.”

Greene has refused to bow out of the race and emphatically stated that “The Democratic Party has chosen their nominee, and we have to stand behind their choice. The people have spoken. We need to be pro-South Carolina, not anti-Greene.” When asked to explain how he won Tuesday’s primary, Greene rambles for a bit and then concludes “just hard work,” which frankly appears to be revolutionizing the definition of “hard work.” The interviewer posed a follows up question, “You didn’t hold any campaign functions, you had no campaign signs, no campaign literature, no website, how did you work to get the name out, I mean what did you physically do?” Greene said, “I did just simple old fashioned campaigning, nothing fancy or expensive.”

I am going to give him the benefit of doubt although I don’t believe any of that old fashion stuff. Baffling is to kind, but let’s say that all the stars lined up and God sent him to deliver South Carolina. Has anyone asked his position on anything? Well the only thing I have been about to find about his platform was “jobs, education and justice.”Let’s be mindful that the U.S. Senate has only had a few blacks elected to that office and never more than on at a time. So, are we supposed to be leave that this guy is the beneficiary of Martin Luther King’s – I have a dream?

There has been speculation that he might be a Republican plant in order to stir up trouble in the Democratic Party in order to ensure his opponent an easy victory. Could it be that the Republican’s crossed over casting their votes for him? House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and other have suggested that Greene is a plant and has called for an investigation into the primary. I will say this, and I have lived in America for a half century, this notion, particularly after hearing him speak, is as ridiculous as the Governor going for a hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Let me go back to the charges against him. The news report says he has not entered a plea or been indicted in connection with the obscenity charge. Greene asks: “I have not been indicted? Indicted? What does that mean?” His brother, according to reports, explained during an interview that a charge and an indictment are different things.

Greene’s now 19 accuser have said she didn’t know Greene was running. “I really wish I’d known before the election, so I could have said something so that people would have known who they were voting for.” She says, Greene asked her to look at pornography on his screen at a computer lab in a University of South Carolina dormitory and suggested, “Let’s go to your room.” Both her and her mother wants Greene to withdraw from the race adding one other thing: “We want this guy to crawl back under the rock he came from.” Enough said…

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