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Religious Zealot Pastor Terry Jones is at it again! You know the hypocrite who spews lies and hatred! This guy who is always up to the insane has really gone too far this time.

This is the same nut who not long ago threatened to burn Korans, which sparked several days of violence in the Middle East. In doing so, this foolish act caused the deaths of dozens across the region and placed our troops in further danger by stoking anti-American sentiment.

I read an article today where this so-called man of God decided that hanging the President of the United States in effigy, in front of a church, is necessary and appropriate. Just so you understand this in Florida, not Afghanistan or some other third-world American hating country where this sort of thing is common. I have to ask what in the hell is going on down in the state of Florida?

In addition Jones released a video to go along with his protest where he states “Obama is killing America.” He claims that Obama increased the deficit (he lowered it, actually), increased the debt more than every president before him combined (but leaves out the part where the increase is due to the budgetary disaster left behind by Bush, including two wars and massive unpaid-for tax cuts), and that he supports radical Islam (by killing more terrorists in three years than Bush did in 7, including bin Laden. If that’s “support” I’d hate to see what Obama’s version of opposition is). The mock president is holding a baby, presumably to symbolize abortion, and accompanied by a gay pride flag, an American flag and a mock Uncle Sam, Obama’s “victim.”

When addressing the reason for symbolically hanging the president, Jones veers off into the surreal:

That is why we have now chosen the hanging of Hussein Obama to represent how the American people must, in a peaceful way, stand up and reject President Obama, reject his anti-American policies. It is time for us to stand up. It is time, again, for America to become America.

As an African American this act is particularly troubling because I see a deeply racist component in depicting a black man being hung, especially in the South. Jones is surely aware of this, but like most right wing demagogues, he’s perfectly content to invoke such imagery. Hate and intolerance is the fish and loaves of the right wing religious fanatic. If Obama had been a white man, this scene would have played out much differently.

Religious extremism is almost just as much a problem in America as it is in the Middle East, and Jones is a prime example of the violence inherent among religious reactionaries. As long as we, as a nation, continue to pretend that only Muslims can be dangerous radicals, we’re ignoring the ticking time-bomb in our midst.

I have to ask – “Where is the Secret Service”. Government agencies like the NSA, NYPD and FBI spend millions of dollars conducting illegal surveillance on mosques and law abiding citizens going about their business peacefully in the name of fighting terrorism. This hasn’t yielded a single lead to any terrorist activity, yet this nut along with other right wing nuts openly threaten the life of the president as well as peace and order in general without any investigation.

The far right represents a greater terrorist threat to the US than any group in the world and is a threat that is continually ignored to which I say at America’s own peril. The government used COINTEL against other groups – yet, this danger is allowed to exist. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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This is a DISGRACE!!!

The Absurd Antics of Yosemite Sam

I’ve watched this sad saga of insanity that has played out, in the name of “so called religion”, down in Gainesville, Fla. that can only be described as mean and surly. This so called pastor with the handlebar mustache, who reminds me of the cartoon character Yosemite Sam, may or not go forward with his plan to burn the Koran on September 11th. I suppose only he and/or His God knows for sure. This madness has caused international outrage that extent from Ocean to Ocean reverberating around the world as a result of his posturing in front of this building he calls a church, and I use that loosely.

This group, maybe even a cult, boasts a membership of less than fifty members. It’s not clear what goes on inside prior to the repeated posturing. I can only guess what is being taught behind the glass doors that are covered with dark fabric, but we have seen the likes of Jones’s son Luke who occasionally steps outside to give distorted interviews, as if he was sent from on high. Other church members like Stephanie Sapp has come out wearing shiny black heels, tight jeans, purple polish on her toes and a gun in a holster on her hip. Others in the church have displayed weapons at recent news events.

These folks have made local news before for posting signs saying “Islam is of the Devil.” Children of church members appeared in public schools last year wearing the slogan on T-shirts. The group’s leader has a checkered past with many unchristian encounters. He once ran a church in Germany, to which Emma Jones, the pastor’s daughter, told the Gainesville Sun that her father and his wife left Cologne after being confronted by church members about financial abuse, including using church money to purchase a car for their son.

Jones runs a eBay furniture business housed on the nonprofit church’s property that was investigated earlier this year after “somebody called in and complained” that a for-profit business was being run there, said Sheila Crapo, administrative analyst for the Alachua County property appraiser’s office.

Jones graduated from Cape Central High School in Cape Girardeau, Mo., in 1969. A classmate of Rush Limbaugh, which might explain some of his demons, although he says he believes in salvation, in Jesus Christ, and has a personal experience with him. If true, I wonder what Jesus thinks of him as a result of this sad commentary. At best, a Zealot and at worst a Bigot.

The Rev. Earl D. Trent Jr., a Real Pastor from DC, wrote to the editor of the Washington Post with remarks that I think is appropriate. “For the past few weeks, the media have treated us to live theater of the absurd… He belongs to no denomination, has held no regional or national office for any church organization and has never held an academic position at a seminary or Bible college. His only book is self-published. Yet, because of a single posting on Facebook, he is treated as a major spokesman and representative of the Christian faith by every news organization on the planet. Heads of State, Military Commanders, Diplomats and even the Vatican have responded to a man whose credibility is no more than that of a person walking the street with a sign saying “Repent: The world is coming to an end.” On second thought, the world of credible sourcing and journalism standards has come to an end.”

Don’t misinterpret my words as preaching: I have said, via Thought Provoking Perspectives many times, in order to live and walk in faith we must be mindful that everyone who say the word “God” may not necessarily be his messenger. Americans believe that we are one nation under God, regardless of which God you chose, but we are one nation.



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