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Amateur Night In America

462_160When I initially started this blog, it was to empower people with knowledge about black history. However, the events of today have caused me to speak truth to power and offer my perspective on those issues. If you can recall just a few months ago when the black man was president, probably the smartest one ever, they said when he signed an executive order; they said he was overreaching and taking the country in the wrong direction. Remember that? But now that this guy is doing it, which is unthinkable by the way, it’s ok! In my view it is more like tyranny.

There are millions of people around the world protesting this guy and his actions. To prove how amateurish; there are former NSC staff, Foreign Service Officers, retired and active duty military personnel who say what he is doing is dangerous! This is to include others who worked critical and sensitive decision through the interagency process that say the same. Just as important; none of these people the Trump administration has put in place can’t seem to recognize this or is it a racist agenda.

General Flynn, the current NSC Advisor, has never served as an NSC Deputy, or as an NSC Senior Director, or as a regular attendee at the crucial Principals Committee or Deputies Committee representing the Defense Department or any other component. His Deputy, K.T. Mcfarland, who every day will run what is in effect the U.S. Government’s Operating Committee for national security, has never held a policy position in the U.S. Government and was last a government employee as a press liaison thirty years ago. She has spent her time since on Fox television. Instead he has a known white supremacist call the shots.

Why does this matter; the national security is not bumper cars. You cannot just walk in off the street and assume you know how to run the millions of people, civilian, military, law enforcement, intelligence and civil servants deployed all around the world in dangerous places doing important jobs, which is what Trump has done.

I suspect that Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon, would be aghast at the thought of Flynn and Mcfarland showing up to run Exxon nor should he be Secretary of State for that matter. Running a Superpower is even more difficult and cannot be done by people who have never held any position of responsibility before in the NSC system.

The first proof of this team’s incompetence has been the drafting, vetting, and implementation of their ban on people from any of seven nations entering the United States, including those that already live here. Whether or not you agree with the idea, which I do not, the chaos at airports around the country and the massive and spontaneous popular protest of the move might well have been avoided if the NSC system had been used to draft, vet and implement the idea.

The lack of understanding of the NSC is shameful by the President’s directive that the senior-most U.S. intelligence and military officials need only attend the Principal’s Committee when needed. The immediate beneficiary of this incompetence has been ISIS and al Qaeda, who are no doubt benefiting enormously in their recruitment by the Administration seeming to prove their point that the U.S is at war with Islam.

In just a week this man has taken America back a half a century! This is not just amateur night; perhaps this like Hitler is part of a master plan. Now, to all the tainted minds of the white supremacist, you can now see anarchy exists or coming to America! It is just this simple; as long as they were doing this evil to black people and now that he is doing it with them now it’s a problem! The truth is you are all Niggers now! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

P.s. I want this guy dragged from the White House in handcuffs. He is in violation of the Constitution. He is mentally unstable and unable to lead the country (per the 25th Amendment), and he must be removed. Because he will never leave voluntarily, he will need to be (and I will relish watching him) be dragged flailing and screaming like a petulant child, with his Children of the Corn family along with him. That is the visual America needs right now…


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