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The Dark Side Of America

Charlottesville-RallyIt vexes me when white people seem so surprised by their own wretchedness. They seemed so shocked by the behavior of their follow white America’s or could it have been because a white woman was killed! If not, they would have been dancing in the streets. This was the most disgusting behavior displayed in a long time. They saw white folk at their true nature – barbaric!

This nation will long remember with shame and sorrow when white supremacists descended on the college town of Charlottesville, Va.; supposedly in fury over the threatened removal of a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee from a park. I will say that and you should know Robert E. Lee was a terrorist just to be clear! These idiots showed up with Nazi slogans, shields. KKK sign without hoods, and anti-Semitic tirades. They injured more than a hundred mostly white people when a deranged member of their ranks sped his car into a crowd and left a woman.

Their President saw it as not an assault or a terrorist act on fellow Americans, but a clash of hate upon hate, violence upon violence, bigotry upon bigotry. Then he issued the most ridiculous statement, he said: “On many sides,” a phrase for the ages. This is what they are taught – racism. If not why would white supremacy lasted four-hundred years? Yes, they have been doing this to us along with the police murder black people – men, women, and children – on average two or three a week. But they all claim to be Christians.

Trump never uttered a word in his remarks and tweets about the nature of the march, the source of provocation nor anything that indicated racism or racism. It clearly was because in an interview late the Grand Wizard of the KKK and the event’s organizer said so. Once torches scare black people but let me let you in on a scared – not anymore. The more shocking part about this was they turned on each other because each wanted to be the biggest racist and the more demonic!

Those white folk who regularly insist that the racists and bigots are a minority of us and that the white-power movement is a marginal and demented faction were proven wrong. Thinking like this and using those kind of statement are what they want you to believe. The mayhem in Charlottesville displayed that this was only a code that is embedded in every white person. However, many came forth with phony and sort of passionate condemnations of blood-and-soil nationalism across the spectrum of ideology.

A president who cannot bring himself to say this immediately and unequivocally squanders any claim to moral leadership. These forms of witnesses were a necessary defense of the American idea and underscored the shamefulness of Trump’s embrace of moral equivalence. There are not, as Trump insisted Saturday, “many sides” to questions that were settled long ago: Racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination, and white supremacy are unequivocally wrong.

Because Trump and many white folk’s inexcusable moral equivalences what actually this event was all about is simply a weak philosophical cover-up of the racism they have in their hearts! As for the president and most white people, they bear his guilt as demonstrated throughout his public life, from his birtherism to his reluctance to turn away 2016 endorsements from Klansmen and other racists.

Nothing has changed and we see that it has not. I have been harshly critical of those black people who support 45 and say things like “our or my country”. I think these fools are INSANE or  uncle toms. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

White Fear Equals Racism

th-14This post is a “reblog” of an article written by April V. Taylor on the Kulture Kritic. She writes what the renowned linguist and activist Noam Chomsky has been speaking with philosopher George Yancy on the white fear as part of a feature for the New York Times.

In which they discusses race and racism in America pointing out the roots of deeply rooted in America’s soul and the legacy of black enslavement and subjugation in America. It is an impressive read going into detail about how “fears that the victims might rise up and take revenge are deeply rooted in American culture.”  This article articulates the foundation of what American Black people have known:

White People’s Fear Of Revenge For Slavery Is ‘Deeply Rooted In American Culture’

The conversation begins with Yancy pointing out that when terrorism and the United States are discussed, there is often an omission of “the fact that many Black people in the United States have had a long history of being terrorized by white racism.” Chomsky elaborates by saying, “We…cannot allow ourselves to forget that the hideous slave labor camps of the new ’empire of liberty’ were a primary source for the wealth and privilege of American society.” As Chomsky puts it, “The America that ‘Black people have always known’ is not an attractive one.”

When the exploited labor force of slaves was no longer available because of the abolition of slavery, “Blacks were arrested without real cause and prisoners were put to work for…business interests. The system provided a major contribution to the rapid industrial development from the late 19th century.” The Thirteenth Amendment’s Exception Clause, allowing slavery to continue if a person was convicted of a crime, was being used to its fullest extent. Reagan’s War on Drugs provided more Black bodies to be exploited for their labor, leading to what Michelle Alexander terms, the new Jim Crow.

While slavery, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration have been the source of innumerable tragedies, Chomsky points out that perhaps the greatest tragedy is America’s refusal to acknowledge its own history of oppression, violence and genocide. Chomsky describes it as an ‘intentional ignorance,’ that compels Americans to put the horrors of slavery, genocide, racism, and mass incarceration, “…behind us and march on to a glorious future, all sharing equally in the rights and opportunities of citizenry.”

While this may sound like a compelling ideal, it is reality is much uglier. Black people in America continue to fall at the bottom of nearly every statistical indicator for wealth, economics, education, and health while white America seems to all too easily forget how much their “wealth and privilege was created in no small part by the centuries of torture and degradation of which [white people] are the beneficiaries,” and Black people are the victims.

Hundreds of years of forced labor, racism and subjugation have inevitably led to resentment and anger, and Chomsky does not shy away from acknowledging that white people have long been gripped by the fear that those they have oppressed will rebel against the forced racial hierarchy.

Chomsky states, “Some of the slave-owners, like Jefferson, appreciated the moral turpitude on which the economy relied. But he feared the liberation of slaves, who have ‘ten thousand recollections’ of the crimes to which they were subjected. Fears that the victims might rise up and take revenge are deeply rooted in American culture, with reverberations to the present.” Alongside this acknowledgement, Chomsky admits that there is not easy answer to ending racism, no magic wand that can erase hundreds of years of violence and terrorism against non-white American citizens.

Most people and surely white folk know that black people have been subjugated, enslaved, oppressed, and still some people pretend this is not true. This article clearly sums up why the centuries of oppression exists, which drives the fear and need for whites to maintain the system of white supremacy and privilege; it is the fear of another Nat Turner like rebellion ever present that one day there will be payback directed at the dominant society [whites] on mass for the “sins of their fathers”. And this is a world phenomena! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Bacon’s Rebellion Instituted The Concept Of White Supremacy

163_1000Here is a little bit of history, which to some revealing because I am sure many of you don’t know or were not taught where the beginning of white supremacy began in school. It began in Virginia right after Bacon’s Rebellion. Beacon rose up against the rich and wealthy people and did it with all of the oppressed people. They, white folk, found out when Bacon organized the blacks, poor white, and people of a lower class banded together it was dangerous for the wealthy class and as a group, they overpowered the elite, which could never happen again.

Therefore, from this revolt white supremacy was created. Bacon’s Rebellion was an armed rebellion in 1676 by Virginia settlers led by against the rule of Governor William Berkeley. The colony’s dismissive policy as it related to the political challenges of its western frontier, along with other challenges leaving Bacon out of his inner circle, refusing to allow Bacon to be a part of his fur trade with the Indians, helped to motivate a popular uprising against Berkeley, who had failed to address the demands of the colonists regarding their safety.

A thousand Virginians of all classes and races rose up in arms against Berkeley, attacking Indians, chasing Berkeley from Jamestown, Virginia, and ultimately torching the capital. The rebellion was at first suppressed by a few armed merchant ships from London whose captains sided with Berkeley and the loyalists. Government forces from England arrived soon after and spent several years defeating pockets of resistance and reforming the colonial government to be once more under direct royal control.

It was the first rebellion in the American colonies, although one followed in Maryland later that year. The alliance between indentured servants and Africans (most enslaved until death), united by their bond-servitude, disturbed the ruling class, who responded by hardening the racial caste of slavery in an attempt to divide the two races from subsequently united uprisings with the passage of the Virginia Slave Codes of 1705. This is where the divide and conquer concept came from. While the farmers did not succeed in their initial goal of driving the Indians from Virginia, the rebellion did result in Berkeley being recalled to England.

But what it did was put a plan into play that made whites supreme in all areas of white society, so they could never unite again. Modern historians have suggested it may have been a power play by Bacon against Berkeley but his personal vendetta between him and Berkeley resulted in all people coming together for a common cause, which was the last time it happened. However, Bacon’s followers used the rebellion as an effort to gain government recognition of the shared interests of all social classes of the colony in protecting the “commonality” and advancing its welfare.

Nathaniel Bacon arrived with a quantity of brandy; after it was distributed, he was elected leader. Against Berkeley’s orders, the group struck south until they came to the Occaneechi tribe. When they got the Occaneechi to attack the Susquehannock; Bacon and his men followed by killing most of the men, women, and children at the village. Upon their return, they discovered that Berkeley had called for new elections to the Burgesses in order to better facilitate the Indian problem.

The recomposed House of Burgesses enacted a number of sweeping reforms. Bacon was not serving his duty in the House; rather, he was at his plantation miles away. It limited the powers of the governor and restored suffrage rights to landless freemen. After the passage of these laws, Bacon arrived with 500 followers in Jamestown to demand a commission to lead militia against the Indians. The governor, however, refused to yield to the pressure. When Bacon had his men take aim at Berkeley, he responded by “baring his breast” to Bacon and told Bacon to shoot him. Seeing that the Governor would not be moved, Bacon then had his men take aim at the assembled burgesses, who quickly granted Bacon his commission.

On July 30, 1676, Bacon and his army issued the “Declaration of the People of Virginia”. The declaration criticized Berkeley’s administration in detail. It accused him of levying unfair taxes, appointing friends to high positions, and failing to protect frontier settlers from Indian attack.

After months of conflict, Bacon’s forces, numbering 300-500 men, moved to Jamestown and burned the colonial capital to the ground on September 19, 1676. Outnumbered, Berkeley retreated across the river. In Edmund S. Morgan’s classic 1975 American Slavery, American Freedom: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia connected the calamity of Bacon’s Rebellion, namely the potential for lower-class revolt, with the colony’s transition over to slavery. But for those with eyes to see, there was an obvious lesson in the rebellion. Resentment of an alien race might be more powerful than resentment of an upper class. Unfortunately, Bacon died before white supremacy took affect but it was because of his revolution that the concept of white supremacy was created. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Listen to the language and transpose it to the language of today, and you will see the same formula!

White Lies: Now Alternative Facts

12144741_10206757597917424_4073909058159467606_nThe people who stole so much of world and its heritage have caused so much terror around the world will tell the story, not His-Story as if all of the facts were just little white lies as they believe. They have invented a new word called “reverse racism” to justify what they’ve done and used His-Story to sanitize it. The definition of a white lie is something often trivial, diplomatic, or simply a well-intended untruth; in other words a story they call inconsequential to facts that they now call alternative facts!

If anyone does not believe white folks are unaware that the system established by their forefathers is designed to benefit them; meaning white privilege and maintaining White Supremacy for eternity. See everybody dies so it is about taking and having enough wealth for their children. Frankly, anyone who can’t see that deserves to be in the condition they are in and to be called a house Negro. So when they smile in your face and tell you to be happy and thank Jesus – don’t believe the hype!

From the very beginning, they set out to control the system by eliminating the people who were already here in America and took their land by force. Yeah, they told them to accept the Bible or we will take whatever they wanted with a gun. What they did was as close to genocide, in most cases, for the people on lands they conquered. Next, they stole people from Africa and made them slaves to build a nation on this stolen land. Of course, they used nice sounding words to make it sound as if what they did was moral and right, and if the words Constitution or Patriotism did or do not work they will use Jesus or God!

Oh, can’t leave out Manifest Destiny, which means all that they could steal and God gave them the right to do so! If you can remember, they used Christianity to justify slavery. The Klan claims Christianity as the foundation of their justification of terror and hatred. Make no mistake white folk know racism is the driving force behind this system of power that is motivated by White Supremacy!

These people knew then, and they know now, that the first human being on the planet was black and the Africans they stole were much smarter than they were. The first people practiced a true religion, to which they stole and Europeanized it to make everyone in the Bible White. The African built pyramid, performed brain surgery, invented mathematics, established and operated colleges – long before the European wore a shoe or underwear. In fact, the Europeans were living in caves and plagued with disease! Let me say clearly and emphatically, there is no evidence anywhere on earth that says black people lived in caves.

One of the first lies told was written in the country’s founding documents that said, “All men are created equal.” Since then there have been countless laws enacted with the expressed intent to suppress, control, and make ensure the stolen African and their descendants remained a permanent underclass for perpetuity. In fact, there was one ruling rendered by the Supreme Court that said, “There is no right a black man has that a white man is bound to respect.”  Even the good Dr. King said, “they were the greatest purveyor of evil on the planet”. He was murdered for that!

I will say what the white man in America has done and did since he stole this nation would make Hitler blush. Today, they talk so vehemently about terror, but these folk has perpetrated and inflicted terror on mass more than any other people on the planet. Let’s not forget through all of this they continued to use the word freedom and liberty. NEWS FLASH, black people have never had anything close to the meaning of either term, and they know it.

It was never their intent to include the people stolen from Africa or their descendants to be part of what they call democracy. Rather, they lynched, murdered, raped and robbed black people and all other people who are non-white. I will repeat; these folk have inflicted the most horrific terror in the history of the world, yes more than any other people. However, what makes this evil so atrocious is that they justify it in the name of GOD!

I use a phrase that aptly applies, “the sins of their fathers” and therefore if there is a God to which they have imposed upon so many; judgment will be harsh and Jesus will not be happy! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…



1-People have been “Hoodwinked” as long as there has been the sense of power over other people. No matter how ridicules the idea or scheme the majority of people fall for it! I won’t go back to the beginning of time but let me just go back a few thousand years. Someone came up with the concept of religion, albeit stolen from Africa, refined it, altered and change it. Then somehow convinced the world that God gave his only son to the world to die for the sins of mankind. They also told the world that he was a blonde haired blue eyed man that came from a region of the world that had no white people.

Further, they told people that a building was his house, a church, and that he left earth to prepare a place for man; only if you believe in him! This was the main staple of oppression, slavery, and death the world over. The truth is the have been more death and wars started in the name of religion than any other concept in all of history. The moral crime as I see it is that they came up with this idea of tithing, which is those people who believe in the Father must pay God so that the believer does not go to hell.

Surprising people do it faithfully, and you are probably guilty of doing this yourself. I get it, as humans we have to believe in something or we perish – got it. But everybody will die and when they do they are put in the ground, and supposedly go to this place in the sky as your reward for believing. This kind of logic has work on people in many different aspects of life. For example, the new president while running for office told the people nothing pertaining to fact or truth – just believe in him!

In this election, whether those voters who voted for this guy, admit or not, it was based and driven by race. I would say what the president has done, so far, relied on this same principle as religion – telling people such outlandish things like I am going to build a wall and he is going to drain the swamp. I will suggest that none of this will ever happen. Just like your belief in the white man’s religion that says Jesus is coming back is not going to happen nor will this guy build a wall.

This guy and his minions could not tell the true if their lives depended on it. Millions around the country and the world protest his policies, yet he remains the so-called president. Black people know that “we have got nothing coming from this guy” but white folk you need to understand neither do you! However it is you (white people) who must take credit for this disaster!

Herein is the problem; people are convinced to believe anything even if it does not produce little more than a dream or scheme. This is an old game, and it continues to work. America now has its champion, the face of White Supremacy and we shall see if Armageddon is going to happen. Whether it does or not, white people has reclaimed its racist posture and have been fooled into think they took their country back to the 18th century.

There are some of these so-called preaches claiming that this man is like one of Jesus’ disciples. I will tell you one thing for sure, like the church and its tithing only this guy and his cronies with get the money. So as we wait for Jesus’ return and the wall to be built neither will happen; my guess is that Jesus will come back before the wall is built. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

White Supremacy Is A Religion

215Sunday is the most cherished day in Christendom, it is worth reminding you about the importance of white supremacy, which is rooted in religion. So you must understand that words have meaning and that the dominant society changes the meaning of words and uses these words to justify the wretchedness they try to hide. This shows how they used religion to indoctrinate people to accept slavery; then and now! Imagery is important, so they have an image to remind you that even Jesus is white and that they run things, everything, up to and including your black life.

For example, the so-called Founding Fathers who most owned slaves and supported the institution of slavery. Or when they changed the word nigger, which their forefathers created and used almost as a second language, to the N-word there was not one black person’s input or sanctioned it. It was merely their way of saying the word while still using the word to not appearing racist.

They confuse us with words. You never hear those of the other hue mention or say the word white supremacy although they are taught to maintain the system, which gives them benefits. They will use, and so do we, the word racism but racism is a byproduct of white supremacy. They are taught; each one of them that the system is designed to protect the system, which is rooted in what they call manifest destiny; whereby they believe God gave the white race domain over the earth and everything in it.

By “white supremacy” I do not mean to allude only to the self-conscious racism of white supremacist hate groups. I refer instead to a political, economic and cultural system in which whites overwhelmingly control power and material resources, conscious and unconscious ideas of white superiority and entitlement are widespread. Meaning these relations are designed for white dominance, and non-white subordination is the key to entrenched in the minds daily across a broad array of institutions and all parts of America society.

White supremacy is a racist ideology centered upon the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior in certain characteristics, traits, and attributes to people of other racial backgrounds and that, therefore, white people should politically, economically and socially rule non-white people. In other words, being white is an attitude rooted in privilege!

The term is also typically used to describe a political ideology that perpetuates and maintains the social, political, historical and/or industrial domination by white people, as evidenced by historical and contemporary socio-political structures such as the Atlantic slave trade, Jim Crow laws in the United States, segregation, and apartheid. Different forms of white supremacism put forth different conceptions of who is considered white, and different white supremacists identify various racial and cultural groups as their primary enemy. White supremacist groups have typically opposed people of color, immigrants, Jews, and Catholics.

In academic usage, particularly in usage drawing on critical race theory, the term “white supremacy” can also refer to a political or socio-economic system like the Republican Party ideals, where white people enjoy a structural advantage (privilege) over other ethnic groups, both at a collective and an individual level.

White supremacy has its ideological foundations that at least date back to 17th-century scientific racism, the predominant paradigm of human variation that helped shape international and intranational relations from the latter part of the in European history through the late 20th century and particularly with the election of a black president and shrinking white population.

White supremacy was dominant in the United States even after the American Civil War and also decades after the Reconstruction Era. In large areas of the U.S., this included the holding of non-whites, specifically African Americans in chattel slavery with millions of black people denied freedom from bondage. The outbreak of the Civil War saw the desire to uphold the Confederate States of America to which the Confederate flag is their symbol of this ideal. Author L. Frank Baum wrote: “The Whites, by law of conquest, by the justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent” and all non-white people on the stolen land.

Since the founding of the United States when the right to vote was restricted to white men of property, Professor Leland T. Saito of USC writes: “Throughout the history of the United States race has been used by whites for legitimizing and creating difference and social, economic and political exclusion.” The Naturalization Act of 1790 limited U.S. citizenship to whites only. The denial of social and political freedom continued into the mid-20th century resulting in the Civil Rights Movement.

This idea and concepts were put forth on the world stage through Nazism, which promoted the idea of a superior Aryan race in Germany during the early 20th century. Notions of white supremacy and Aryan racial superiority were combined in the 19th century, with white supremacists maintaining that white people were members of an Aryan “master race,” which is superior to other races. There were other regimes who practiced white supremacy, most notably South Africa’s Apartheid system, but all nation headed by Europeans have and do Covet the ideal.

The term white supremacy is used in academic studies of racial power to denote a system of structural or societal racism which privileges white people over others, regardless of the presence or absence of racial hatred. White racial advantage permeates the American system to the point that most are blind and unconscious of its presence. Black people, in particular, are feed a steady diet of it, and they use of divide and conquer – is its most effective strategy! You hear them say, they want to take back their country – what do you think they mean? And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

An Indictment Of The CON-GAME VERDICT

Here’s something to think about: If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed and if you read the newspapers you misinformed. Denzel Washington

Only In America

193_160God Bless America! If ever there was a time to ask for this blessing it is today; because there are those forces among us who want to turn back the hands of time. They call themselves patriots. You know the party of “No,” who have wanted to take over the government to use their power to rape the country of all the money they can take. Well, it just happened! Trump and his band of thieves or Robber Barons as it were who have emerged in this alt-right movement are scary enough for us to ask for help from someone greater than ourselves.

Of course, some of these people who have or will take back their country are saying the same thing – in the name of God, which is frightening too. Because what they mean is the God on the back of the dollar bill! These are the same folks who want us to believe in the false assertion that America will now be put on the right track and move in the right direction, which means 1950.

Back in the day, there were the George Wallace’s, Bull Connor’s, Strom Thurman’s and today we have a new breed; Breitbart, Sarah Palin, David Duke – to name a few. Their rage, from sea to shining sea, infects their followers who create conspiracies and assume false narratives regarding everything that quite neatly put the country into a place of perceived fear. This place they will create or want back was not all that great! I know I was there; elitism, white privilege, and America’s racial codes were cruelty, unfairness, and a place of amoral agenda’s.

Let’s face it; it had been a pretty good run, about 400 years, with little sign of any serious trouble challenging their superiority. The system was working and humming along as they came up with new forms of discrimination so that all people of their hue, particularly men, benefited. They controlled or occupied just about every branch of government for more than two centuries and had sole possession and leadership of its executive branch, where the symbol of power is the White House. Now there is Trump and his cronies!

The man who said the president was not born in the America; therefore, ineligible to be president is now the president. Pure psychodrama! Most sane people believe the devil has taken over the country and for the first time in American history; well maybe not the first time; there have been other crooks before him. The election of this guy should be “Like tectonic plates that slow-moving but irreversible forces may generate enormous turbulence as they grind against each other … At some point, when tectonic plates build up enough tension, that destructive energy gets unleashed in a major earthquake.” Actually, this is a pretty good metaphor for what happened!

This is what they do, lie and create distorted facts, false information and don’t forget they add a few a few false narratives into the truth with bogymen like brown-skinned people and the Muslims. Finally, enter the most extreme bigots, and the recipe is cooking for making America white again. Meaning more racist than Jackson could imagine. I am just pointing out what appears to be a tone that does not have our best interest in America and surely not for people of color.

For those that can remember segregation and its horrors – listen carefully at the words being used by those who are in charge. Every person should be afraid – very afraid! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Justice Denied: Not Deferred

2Since the beginning of recorded history, there has never been justice for the least of thee! This was never more evident than the treatment of black people. These people were enslaved and castigated from that horrible day the first twenty were dragged onto the shores of this place they call “merica”! They, white folk, claim to be so righteous and godly but their history shows anything of the sort. It’s been about four- hundred years now and nothing has changed; yet they want to transplant this form of injustice around the world as they did with apartheid!

They have lied in tell the histories story via what I call his-story which is a pack of omissions and lies fed to the unsuspecting and unknowledgeable people as truth. The problem is today technology is such most of the evil they have perpetrated cannot be so easily hidden, but somehow they still convince people that they should not believe what this see or their lying eyes!

Over the last few years, almost weekly we have police killing with no results from the system concerning justice. This includes unarmed men, women, and children mostly all black under color of law. Now the killing of a twelve-year-old is despicable, and frankly, a dog murdered in such away would get more justice and bring about a conviction. But the outcome in the affected communities lasts a few days, a few social media posts, and in effect nothing!

This brings me to the most recent atrocity – a North Carolina Jury Deadlocked in the case of Michael Slager. They claim justice is all about honesty and transparency when the fact is justice is blind and in this case blind as a bat! I’m all out of optimism and hope because the evidence shows this former office kill this man running away in the back, lied about what he did, and tried to plant evidence on the murdered man’s body. Millions of people saw this, and this jury could not find him guilty, and there are people who continually tell us that all is fair in the name of justice and the “police are the heroes.

No injustice, no single case of police brutality, was clearer and better documented than Officer Michael Slager repeatedly shooting Walter Scott, an unarmed black man in North Charleston, S.C., in the back as he ran far away. This case was filmed in real time by a bystander’s cell phone, an actual live witness, who was on his way to work and tens of millions of us saw the injustice with our own eyes. It was an execution.

After Slager had shot the fleeing man in broad daylight, he appeared to plant a Taser next to him. His story would later be that he shot Scott, a beloved veteran, and father because Scott stole the Taser, which was all a lie. Scott was running for his life. Knowing what we know now, he may have very well sensed that he was in immediate danger of being killed by Slager. Whatever the case, even though Scott was more than a dozen feet away, Slager aimed and repeatedly shot the man in his back and killed him.

After Slager fired the shots, he made no effort to show even a morsel of care, concern or urgency about the victim. The North Charleston Police Department did the right thing and fired him that same week. The video was indisputable proof for their white police chief to make such a decision. Prosecutors there did not drag their feet either. They charged Slager with murder, but also gave the eventual jury the option to convict on a lesser charge.

Now the result of Slager trial is that the jury is deadlocked or simply put could come to a decision on a conviction of guilt. If this is final, a mistrial will be declared. This was a heinous murder of Walter Scott that we all saw, which has shaken my resolve or any respect for our justice system. He shot a fleeing man in the back in cold blood. It was filmed. Not only did activists believe it to be an injustice, but local police and prosecutors also agreed.

Nonetheless, here we are. In what should have been an open and shut case that produced a certain conviction, we are learning that for somebody, the idea of convicting a white cop of killing a fleeing black man is simply an impossibility that we have now learn was a white juror. What has changed in this place the slaves called “merica”? and that’s my thought provoking perspective…

The Deplorable Donald And His Klan

5The GOP Presidential nominee continues to cry foul telling his supporters, such as they are, that the system is rigged. Trump, this is no surprise to anyone by you. He sits high on his perch and has taken advantage of every bit of his White Privilege. He like most white folk are in denial knowing full well that what they do and have done to black and brown people; this is where the system is rigged. From the first day they dragged the African onto the shore of this land – black people – their slaves, knew the system was rigged and so do most contemporary black people today.

He talks about all the things he is going to do for “his African Americans” but in reality it just him talking out of the other side of his face. Dude this is slave master speak. It has been clear to me and everyone but his “House Negroes” that he should be the poster child of the GOP efforts to “put black people in their place.” Frankly, he should be the poster child for White Supremacy. This is not a prediction, but this guy is the one that could get away with returning black people to slavery!

I have lived through several presidents, and this president, Obama, has by far outperformed all of them; especially those that were of the GOP ilk. Trump has insulted or offended every ethnic group gleefully. However, what he did with the birther thing was deplorable because what he was saying was that Obama was a “nigger.” Let’s call it what is he tried to sell the idea that Obama was the other and I contend by doing so was part of his racist proclivity. Not to mention his ardent vial approach to publicly saying he wanted to kill the member of the Central Park Five.

Trump whines like a spoiled brat which is evident in his demeaning approach to his blatant behavior towards women. Also, it is dangerous that anyone who disagrees with him is a reason for revenge; his bullying approach is to threaten a lawsuit in order to intimidate. Moreover, he does not seem to know or maybe has not read the constitution! The fact is if I was given millions of dollars at the start of my life – I too could brag about being successful as he claims. Now with that said, he has not produced his taxes that would prove what he says is true. I have said and still say the man is a fraud and conman!

This is what black people see because we have seen it before; like all of those of his hue, for the most part, are unapologetic racist. This is evident in his speak about “law and order” and his disbelief of political correctness! This man will elevate the war on black and brown people in ways that would make Hitler blush. It is safe to say this election is a seminal moment in the history of American democracy. A Trump presidency would be a disaster for America not only on race but for its economy, defense, human rights, foreign policy and our standing in the world.

They say it is dangerous for him to having his fingers on the nuclear switch. What black people should be scared if is this man has the authority over the alphabets, i.e., FBI, CIA, IRS, est! I think it is safe to declare his alt-right positions, which is racist is deplorable and more than likely he will be the biggest loser! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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