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Democracy Bought

I have a question that you might want to ask yourself. Can yesterday happen tomorrow? After what happened in Wisconsin yesterday – could it happen again in November?Hmmmm!

We witness the worst election in our lifetime. Thanks to the highest court in the land who gave license to the right to open the flood gates to promote evil. People like Rove, the Koch Brother, various packs and the likes of the Tea Bagger rallied their base to reelect Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Walker outspent his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, seven to one after raising millions of dollars from right-wing donors outside the state.

It’s not right and one might say Democracy bought as Walker survived a historic recall election more than a year after launching a controversial effort to roll back the bargaining rights of the state’s public workers. People this is a preview of what is ahead and we cannot take for granted the fall presidential elections because this was a rehearsal for the nation stage.

John Nichols, a correspondent for The Nation, said, “We always like to tell ourselves that if the people get organized enough, they can offset any amount of money… “But in Wisconsin, we got a pretty powerful lesson about this new era we’re entering into with unlimited cash … It’s something we should be taking a good look at — not merely for Wisconsin, but for the whole country.”

I will criticize the People, the Democratic National Committee and yes the President for mostly staying on the sidelines as Republicans nationwide rallied around Walker. Consider this when the comparison between tens of millions of dollars and an all-in effort by the RNC and by national Republicans versus a tweet from President Obama, I think, sums it up a little bit painfully.

Frankly, it’s was a very telling event when we consider the dire consequences that lie ahead; view the video which may explain the importance of your vote. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…



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