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Saturday Night with Authors James Cannon and Toi Moore

cannonThe John T. Wills Book Tree Radio Show welcome’s acclaimed Author James Cannon, father of celebrity entertainer Nick Cannon, and Author Toi Moore “Dubbed the Celebrity Author” as our very special guest on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 8:00 PM (est).

These amazing authors have written “THE CALLING” that focuses on ways in which readers will be able to truly acknowledge if they have HEARD and APPLIED the CALLING in their life. The CALLING will also center on whether or not one’s life is focused on accepting and living what was meant to be their Purpose. Or, if a person is living their life through what is meant to be their CALLING.

Through the pages of the book The Calling, James will guide readers in how they can apply THREE DAYS and THREE NIGHTS of their life toward discovering their true Calling. His theory will establish that ALL people and ALL things have a Purpose of existence. He will also explain how many people never tap into their true Calling or use it toward their advantage. This book will magnify avenues in which readers will be able to truly acknowledge if they have HEARD and APPLIED the gift of their Calling to make them a better, more inspiring, and powerful individual.

Have you heard and applied your CALLING?

Praise from a Proud Son:

“I count myself fortunate and blessed. Blessed to have had and still have a father in my life. And because I was one of the fortunate ones, it was my father who loved and assisted me as I grew from a boy to a man in understanding my “purpose” and “calling” in life.

In this book, my dad will share with you the same life lessons, instructions, and principles he exemplifies still—today. The Calling, is not only a book, it is literally a life manuscript on “how” a person; be it woman or man, boy or girl, can truly discover and understand their Godly divine purpose and calling in this journey called “life.” I hope this book will be as much a blessing to you as it was to me.”

Nick Cannon

You really don’t want to miss this broadcast!!! Call in and speak with our guest Call in number: (718) 506-1699

Purchase your copy of this Paperback Book: Xulon Press Link:http://www.xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=9781619040564

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