American Terror: Cops Killing Unarmed Black Men

007_10000Minister Malcolm X warned us about the “devils” a half century ago back in his day. I can recall my grandfather warning me of the threat by those he called “Pigs.” I am sure a hundred years ago his father warned him too. I am certain during slavery this was also the case that black men were warned of the police, who were then called slave catchers or slave patrols.

There is a long history of these immoral people being paid to kill and oppress black folk. There was the cold blooded murder by lynching but today the practice has evolved to the use of a gun with malice by the police. The problem is that white America who claims to be the “keeper of facts” believing so fervently in the law and justice that they are simply blind to the fact that these injustices are real. Or maybe they are simply continuing the legacy of their fathers.

In the incident, no – beat down, of Rodney King “they” told us to ignore the video because we did not see what we thought we saw. “They” said we should have seen what happened before the video started recording. With Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and the eleven year old child murdered in Cleveland by these degenerates used the same script “the officer”, and I use that loosely, was “in fear of his life” and the lies they record as a police report supports that point. Frankly, when you shoot someone in the back at least six times as he is running for his life – I would call that an executions.

Next and immediately after a killing, the brotherhood or some benevolent organization, rushes to the killer’s aid saying the officer was only doing his job and trying to go home to his family. While the victim lay died and will never return home. PETA and the dog lovers of world should be ashamed because they would raise holly-hell if someone shoot or did this to a dog. But then, according to the Constitution, black people are less than human, 3/5th they say. So it is always justified when they kill black people!

Another thing that happens, they will claim the killer is such an honorable and decent man just doing a dangerous job. If they are afraid of the work they choose – GET ANOTHER JOB. Invariably, they will dig deep into the victims past making the victim the cause of his or her death. I love how the #WalterScott coverage speaks to the commendations of the assailant and “criminal record” #SadButNotSurprising. Just as they do in every case but the facts suggest, usually, it is the cop who has a troubled past with law suits, mental incompetents and having been fired from other agencies.

In the latest act of “terror” involving North Charleston Police Officer Michael T. Slager, who can be seen on video shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott after a supposed confrontation on Saturday, after a minor traffic stop. The officer chased and shoots at him eight times killing the unarmed black man in cold blooded.

007_1000Of course, the fix was already in place prior to the video’s release taking his police report as gospel. However, a brave passer-by came forward with this damning video of the incident that proved the officer account of the incident was a fanciful tale right out of the cop’s handbook. In other words, a total fabrication of the event. He lied using the same tried and true story. The unarmed black man resisted, which in the end turned a simple broken taillight traffic stop into a death warrant.

I don’t think anyone can view this disturbing video and not see what this officer did was cold blooded murder. Obviously, his attorney who came out saying the cop felt threatened after Scott tried to overpower him and take his Taser. But according to the Post and Courier, the attorney is “no longer involved” in the case. In addition, I have not heard a word from the “brotherhood”. Today, he is in jail with no bail which is a very good thing.

Now, having said that, I did see the usual and expected comments on my Twitter page after the video was aired from people saying, also from the script, things like “why do the [the news media] have to mention race” or that “CNN is causing divisions making it about race.” To which I say because it is! All one needs to do is look at the images! What we see happening all of these killings is that because there is no consequence the police are getting more brazen and white folk continue to say “what’s the problem”.


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